Scott York Fitness Combine (SYCO)

I’ve been wanting to put on an athletic event for a long time.

When we moved out to this area around 12 years ago, I fell in love with the hills and the lake view.  There are some nasty hills in Jonestown.  They’re not so bad if you drive up them but I wasn’t thinking about driving up them.  I was thinking about running, lunging, crawling, and farmers walking kettlebells up them.  I remember a few years ago when I was testing different ideas.  I took a couple of 53lb kettlebells and began farmers walking them up the 900 + yard hill in the Ranchland Hills area (Jonestown).


Big mistake.  About 50 yards into it, I knew I had made a critical error. Way too heavy.  But I had to finish. It took 45 minutes to carry those kettlebells up the hill when it normally takes 3 minutes or less to run. The elderly couple walking down the hill looked at me with such sorrow as I struggled to take a few steps without having to put down the kettlebells.

Ultimately, I came up with a workout for that hill in Jonestown and we’ve done that workout at the completion of our Summer training each year for the last 2 years.

But now, I have something new.

I’m calling it SYCO (Scott York Fitness Combine).



Top 5

Keegan 1st (78 points)
Ethan 2nd (48 points)
Griffin 3rd (42 points)
Jaden 4th (36 points)
Gavin 5th (33 points)

Other Competitors:
David, Wyatt, Landon, CJ

STRENGTH: based upon bodyweight to strength ratio, if athlete did not get
a new pr, we used their previous best weight.

Bench Press
Keegan, 365lbs *most weight
Ethan, 275lbs (pr)
Gavin, 180lbs (pr)
David, 195lbs (pr)
Landon, 205lbs (pr)
Wyatt, 240lbs (pr)

David, 265lbs (pr)
Landon, 250lbs (pr)
Wyatt, 315lbs (pr)
Griffin, 430lbs (pr)
CJ, 385lbs (pr)
Keegan, 500lbs (pr) *most weight

Trap Bar Deadlift
Gavin, 380lbs (pr)
David, 395lbs (pr)
Landon, 365lbs (pr)
Wyatt, 440lbs, (pr)
Griffin, 500lbs (pr)
CJ, 500lbs (pr)
Keegan, 560lbs (pr) *most weight
Ethan, 560lbs *most weight

10 Yd Dash
Keegan, 1st
Jaden, 2nd
Gavin, 3rd
David, 4th
Wyatt, CJ 5th (tie)

100 Yd Dash
Keegan, 1st
Jaden, 2nd
Gavin, 3rd
David, 4th


Field Goal
Wyatt, 1st 30 yds
Griffin, 2nd 25 yds
David, CJ, Jaden, Ethan, Keegan, 3rd (tie) 20 yds

Griffin, 1st 37 yds
Gavin, 2nd 35 yds
Ethan, 3rd 32 yds
CJ, Wyatt, 4th (tie) 31 yds
Jaden, 5th 30 yds

Pass For Distance
Keegan, 1st 45 yds
Ethan, 2nd 43 yds
Landon, CJ, 3rd (tie) 41 yds
Gavin, 4th 39 yds
Wyatt, 5th 37 yds

Kickoff Return
Jaden, 1st 39 yds
Keegan, 2nd 38 yds
CJ, 3rd 36 yds
Griffin, 4th 25 yds
Gavin, 5th 22 yds

Griffin, 1st
Keegan, 2nd
Ethan, 3rd
Landon, 4th
CJ, Jaden, Gavin, David, Wyatt (Did not finish in 30 min time limit)



What:  Scott York Fitness Combine (SYCO)

When: August 3rd, 8 am – 12 pm

Who: Scott York Fitness Athletes (Pre-Determined)

How Much:  Free

Bring:  Water (a lot), Cleats, Tennis Shoes, Sweat Towel

I’ve chosen 8 of my athletes to be guinea pigs for this first time experimental event.  Any of them have a chance to win because it’s not just about one thing.  It’s about strength, speed, agility, strategy, skill, and appetite. One athlete may dominate one category, but another athlete may dominate another.  It’s based upon points and body weight.  For example, if you have 2 athletes and one weighs 200lbs and bench presses 220lbs and the other athlete weighs 180lbs and bench presses 215lbs, who wins?

The 180lb athlete wins because he benched press 1.2 times his body weight while the 200lb athlete bench pressed 1.1 times his bodyweight. So the 180lb athlete earns 1.2 points vs 1.1 points for the other athlete.  This is how the strength category will be judged.  So the athletes who weigh less, if they are strong, have the opportunity to beat the bigger athletes.

The strength category will consist of:

  • Barbell Bench Press 1RM
  • Squat 1RM
  • Trap Bar Deadlift 1RM

This event will be first and will take place in Scott’s garage.  All 8 athletes will compete in this event at the same time and, after warming up, it should take about 75 minutes to complete.

The speed and agility category will be based upon time.  The speed and agility category currently consists of:

  • 10 Yard Dash
  • 5-10-5 Drill
  • 100 Yard Dash

The skill category will consist of:

  • Field Goal Kick For Distance
  • Football Toss And/Or Routes
  • Kickoff Return (flag tackle)
  • Sled Push For Time/Distance

The eating category will consist of:

  • Eating (either a 2lb burger or two 3/4lb burgers depending on the restaurant)

The eating category will have a 30-minute time limit.  Whoever eats the most in 30 minutes wins.

Don’t worry!  Cedar Park Football does something like this every year at Mighty Fine Burgers in Cedar Park and no one has ever had a choking or health incident.  Safety is first and I will disqualify anyone who appears to be unsafe.  This is not stuffing food in your mouth and swallowing it whole, this is appetite based and when you’re full, you’re done.


Questions and Answers:

Q: Who is paying for the food?

A: Scott.


Q: How long will this event take?

A: 3 1/2 – 4 Hours.  We will finish at J&J’s BBQ in Lago Vista for the eating category.


Q: What if I don’t like hamburgers?

A:  Really?


Q: Can I order my burger plain, or with cheese, or with mustard but no mayo and hold the pickles, etc?

A: Yes but make SURE that you order it correctly because once you order it, it’s yours.


Q: Can I get fries with my burger?

A:  Yes.  If one athlete gets fries, then everyone has to get (and eat) fries within the 30-minute time limit.


Q: Should I practice the field goal kicks, the 5-10-5, etc before this event?

A:  Yes


Q: What if something goes wrong?  The timer on the 10-yard dash doesn’t work, etc.

A: I hope not, but it might.  We’ll adjust as needed to keep things going smoothly.  The idea is to compete and have fun regardless of what happens.


Q:  What if it rains?

A:  I’ll keep you posted and adjust the event to another date if it rains.


Q:  What if I am not participating in this event but I am a Scott York Fitness athlete?

A:  I’d love for you to still come and help out.  There will be no regular workout on Saturday, August 3rd, 2019 as this event has been in the works for a while.


Q:  Do I have to log my food?

A:  Of course you do 🙂


Q:  Will you be taking pictures/video?

A:  Yes.


Q:  Will we still be doing the hill workout in Jonestown?

A:  Yes but “probably” not this year.




P.S.  Any of the events/exercises/categories could change at the last minute due to any unforeseen circumstances.  I’ve been competing long enough to know that things happen and if so, we’ll simply adjust and carry on.  Positive vibes, no stress.








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