Thank you for the opportunity to tell you about my Strength and Performance program!

That’s the snapshot version of my program, below I’ll give you more detail.

All I can do is share what I do, share the results that I’ve gotten, and then leave it up to you to make up your own mind. Maybe, you’ve already heard about my program from a friend or a coach. If so, great! That makes my job of explaining a little bit easier.

Scott’s training is unique because he trains the whole athlete. He trains the physical side by using proven, current training techniques customized to the athlete and the athlete’s
goals. He monitors the food intake and sleep patterns. He measures success by setting goals with the athlete, bench marking the journey then celebrating attained goals.

He trains the intellectual and emotional side of the athlete by referencing many books he has read as well as personal experiences that are positively motivating. He speaks passionately about the mental game of focus. He coaches the athlete on how focus can be a game changer. As a trainer, Scott’s differentiator is that he trains along side the athlete. He doesn’t ask what he is not willing or able to give. He has worked with my son for about 6 months now. I have witnessed how his training methods are effective both in the gym and in life. My son has become laser focused on goals in and out of sport. He has learned the fine art of taking time to celebrate victories as well as recalibration when necessary. I am truly thankful for Scott’s influence in my son’s life. He is learning skills that will help him be successful in life.

R.N./Cedar Park

Let me quickly walk you through the 6 initial steps of my program.

  1.  You have an athlete who is serious about becoming the best version of themselves but needs to be surrounded by serious, goal-oriented athletes. He or she needs to be held accountable and needs to set strength goals, speed goals, and performance goals. You have an athlete who needs help with nutrition.  You have an athlete who wants to continue his/her sport in college.

  2. You’re interested in my program. You’re aware of the price, and the location.

  3. You contact me and we schedule a free visit/workout.  If you already know someone in my program and just want to join, you can skip this step and continue reading.

  4. We both agree that it is a good fit.

  5. We agree upon the days/times for workouts, you sign up for my program, and you fill out the initial paperwork – health/history, consent, and goals.

  6. The first day of training consists of me collecting the paperwork that you fill out and weighing your athlete. I review the paperwork to see if there are any exercise restrictions or personal information that I need to be aware of. I weigh your athlete. We begin the process of establishing current estimated 1 rep maxes. I show your athlete the nutrition program that I use (my nutrition program is included in the price of the program), I help him/her set up their free account. Your athlete begins to log his/her food for a short period of time. After a short period of time, I analyze his/her nutrition, share the results with you and the athlete, and set a daily calorie goal.

    *Depending on how many clients I currently have, the nutritional process can take several days instead of just one day.

    **It typically takes the athlete 2-3 weeks to ramp up with the nutrition program. I’ll walk them through the process each step of the way.

We settle into the routine and if the athlete is consistent, coachable, and follows the program, he/she gets results!

So, to quickly recap, you get:

And here’s what I expect to get:


Keegan Nichols. 2018 District 19-5A Defensive MVP

Who Is This Program Not For?

This program is not for those who drink, vape, cannot log their food consistently, or make C’s, D’s, or F’s in school.


If you don’t know this program, then you don’t understand Scott’s commitment to growing the whole player! Work outs, nutrition, grades, self esteem, and so much more. Thank you Scott for all you do for our boys! – S.J./Lago Vista


Hard work always comes before success. You will learn hard work with a grind it out, never quit, never complain mentality.  The most decorated of my athletes (NFL/college football players) tell me that they wish they had started sooner.

My athletes learn hard work under a heavy barbell, nasty, gut-wrenching workouts, legs burning, and gasping for breath while older, bigger collegiate athletes encourage and push them in a safe, monitored environment. We lift, jump, sprint, push, and pull. We compete, have sky-high expectations, and push each other to think big.

Some may say, “Oh, that sounds dangerous! What about these kids that I hear about passing out or getting injured during these types of workouts?”

I say…these are NOT those types of workouts. If they were, I would be dead a long time ago. I DO these workouts myself several times a week. I lift, jump, sprint, push, and pull right there with the athletes. I would never make my athletes do anything that is dangerous. Having said that, if hard work is dangerous then yes, I’m guilty. Is every workout hard?  No, not intentionally. I zigzag workouts based on a lot of variables such as:

If silly, unprofessional, dangerous methods are used then, no, I’m innocent. There are lots of brief videos of my workouts on youtube.
Feel free to view those for insight.

This program is well suited for those who would love to live on a farm or ranch and do physical labor to build themselves up. This program is suited to someone who would love to ride bulls in the rodeo, who knows how to get up, shake themselves off, and get back on.  This program is not for social media “athletes” or “competitive spectators”.  This program is for athletes who cannot wait for it to be their set or their turn because they know that each set, each rep, and each workout is a chance to get better and mentally tougher.

You don’t have to be strong to be accepted into this program, you only have to be coachable, take constructive criticism, and follow directions. You have to want to get bigger, faster, and stronger.  You have to want to play at the next level.

This is a unique program – I’ve had many athletes tell me that they wish they had started with me sooner.  Well, now is YOUR chance to give your athlete his or her best chance to succeed. To make it work, your support and commitment are needed.

Membership Prices & Options

I don’t offer sessions or count how often you train here.

Instead, I offer a membership which means Commitment from YOU.

I understand that building championship athletes is a long-term process, not a quick fix that happens in a few workouts. The fads and gimmicks promise those lies, we focus on honesty and integrity.

– Training Options:  Up to 3 x week.  Why 3?  Anything more is probably overdoing it.   The weights get heavy, the intensity is high and rest and recovery are just as important as training.  Rest and recovery are both physical and mental.  Most of my athletes train 1–3 times a week.  In terms of energy levels, on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest, if your athlete is a 7 or higher, he or she is ready to work out.  If not, then I recommend taking the day off.  I also recommend taking a week off here and there.  Perhaps, once every 8-10 weeks.  Taking a full week off will refresh the mind and body and, ultimately, equal better results.

– All workouts are overseen by me, Scott, and individualized.  I maintain meticulous records with estimated 1 rep maxes for each athlete.  Each athlete will work within a percentage of his/her estimated 1 rep max.

– All memberships are billed via monthly EFT credit card.  Need to cancel? It’s simple. just email me with 2 weeks’ notice to cancel your membership.  If someone is waiting for a spot, this allows me time to let them know about the open spot.
Sorry, I do not accept checks or cash on a monthly basis as this has proven to become a bill-collecting process. My expertise is in Coaching & changing the lives of young athletes rather than becoming a bill collector. I appreciate your understanding of this.

Please check my calendar to make sure there is current availability.  If you don’t see an open spot, please contact me and I will be happy to assist.

My track record of transforming and helping athletes is proven.  Please ask for references and I’ll be more than happy to supply you with them.  You can go to the local gym or health club chain which may look flashy and nice but you will never find the expertise, goal setting, nutritional programming, and caring found here.

All Training is a minimum of 3 months.

The Most Successful Athletes Train Year Round, Regardless of Off-Season or In-season.

Investment for Membership Is Below.


Scott York Strength and Performance $195 / Month (3-month minimum)

The cancellation policy is simple: email me with 2 weeks’ notice to cancel your membership. NO Exceptions.  If someone is waiting for a spot, this allows me time to let them know about the open spot.

If you’re doing the same training as everyone else how do you expect to set yourself apart from the pack? The truth is that you can’t, you are simply meeting the status quo.

My methods are specifically geared towards the development of your athlete, turning weak points into strong points, and developing overall athleticism specific to their sport.

Why You Need an Expert For Your Athlete

Training, goal setting, mindset, surrounding yourself with the right people, and nutrition are the keys to athletic success.  If a program doesn’t have a DAILY nutrition component then the program is less than complete and, in the end, the athlete loses out.  Surrounding your athlete with like-minded people is pretty simple to understand.  If the athlete is in a group with high achievers who want to play at the next level (college/pro), that athlete is positioned to demand more from himself.  My athletes see each other regularly.  Weekly.  They see their lifts on the gym record board, they see their 10-yard dash times, and they hear about straight A’s or athletic awards.   They hear about wins and losses.  Surrounding these athletes with others who are on the same path or have already been down that path allows them to learn more and know what to expect. Like a mentorship. The experience is invaluable. Without positive and constructive feedback, our egos tend to get in the way and we fall back into our comfort zone where we neglect our weaknesses and make excuses. Instead, accept them and use them as leverage to get where you want to be.  Invite growth.

I encourage both individuals and parents to keep an open line of communication with me regarding the individual’s progress.

Ready To Join Us?

Scott York Strength And Performance






Question:  How long are workouts?

Answer:  Anywhere from 60-90 minutes depending on how many athletes are in the group.  I typically have the athlete text or call their parent 5 minutes before the workout is over.

Question:  Is this a year-round program?

Answer:  Yes.  If your athlete is a high school football player and football practice and/or “two a days” are starting or if it’s football season, scale back your workouts to 1 -2 x week.  Your athlete will continue to get nutritional guidance directly from me daily, continue to focus on staying strong and injury-resistant, work on mental toughness, and keep their spot in the program.  I have athletes come 1-2 times a week during their “in-season” sport such as football or baseball.

Question:  Can we put our membership on hold?

Answer:  Yes, but I cannot reserve your spot.  I currently have a waiting list and your spot would most likely be filled immediately.  Nutritional guidance will stop, and the price may have gone up when you return.

Question:  How much is your program?

Answer:  The cost is currently $195.00 a month and is on monthly auto-billing.

Question:  Why are Saturday workouts “group workouts”?

Answer:  The Saturday group workouts are incredibly valuable.  Athletes meet new members, I have mini competitions, I use a different workout format (small groups) to keep things fresh.  The workouts encourage teamwork, and strategy, and are still very effective.  We typically focus on legs at one of the stations – barbell squats, front squats, single-leg squats, box jumps, ghd, etc, and then mix things up at the other 2-3 stations -sled pushes, drags, rogue echo bike, kettlebells, bodyweight exercises, sprints, etc.

Question:  Do you work with athletes online?

Answer:  Yes, in fact, one of my current clients has had a major success story.  The short version is that both he and his Mom said that he was a “hard gainer” and had tried everything to gain weight for high school football.  I began working with him 9 months ago and now he’s 30 lbs heavier (good weight), stronger, and more confident.  Cole drove up from Buda recently to join us for a Saturday workout.  To inquire about my online coaching, please contact me.

Question:  My athlete is small, weak, and shy.  Can we still enroll him/her?

Answer:  Yes!  As long as he/she is coachable, wants to play at the next level, has a burning desire to get bigger, faster, stronger, and works hard.  I love working with undersized and/or underrated athletes.  Watching their self-esteem grow, their personalities shine, and accomplish their goals is what I love most about doing this.

Question:  Do you work with female athletes?

Answer: Yes.

Question:  Do you work with the general public?

Answer:  Yes, I train them exactly like I train my high school and college athletes.  Set goals, work on nutrition, lift, jump, run, pull, and push.

Question:  My athlete is interested in your program but is not interested in playing in college. Will you still work with him/her?

Answer:  If, after reading all of the above, this program seems like a good fit for your athlete then, yes, please contact me.