Here’s Your Opportunity to Help Your Son Or Daughter Transform From Good to GREAT in BOTH Sports AND In Life!

Do You Wonder Why Your Child Trains in Club Sports Year Round But Still Struggles to Achieve More Success?
– Do You Wonder Why Your Child Attends Mandatory School Workouts Yet Does Not Seem To Be Improving Both Physically and Mentally?
Keep Reading and Find Out How Dedicated Parents of Athletes from All Around Are Shocking Their Competition Through Our Results Proven Athlete Performance System.

How to Get Started:
1) Read this ENTIRE web page, top to bottom
2) See the current price, how membership works and how to sign up

*NOTE* If Your Main Concern Is Price & Convenience To Your Home, We Are NOT The Training Facility for You.
YOUR Athlete’s Success Is Our #1 Priority.

Client Keegan Nichols. 2018 District 19-5A Defensive MVP

Dear Supportive Parent,

Thanks for stopping by!  Since you’re here, it’s quite likely you are searching for the best resource to help your athlete reach his / her potential in sports. You’re looking for an expert in the strength and performance field who has a long track record of success as well as someone who genuinely cares about RESULTS.

As a parent myself, I understand how important this is for you and your athlete. My commitment to your athlete is something I take very seriously, which is why I am constantly tweaking and improving my training methods to ensure that your athlete gets nothing less than the best training in the area.

I am NOT about gimmicks or the latest fad. I’m not about trying to impress with fancy buzz words like “core strength”, “functional training”, etc.
My # 1 Focus Is Getting YOUR Athlete Maximum Results In Minimal Time
This is where I excel.

Client Mason Brooks ,D1 Western Kentucky football scholarship athlete

I’m interested in working with supportive parents who have athletes that understand that success will take work and commitment on their part, in the gym AND outside of the gym.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not strong, not in shape or new to training. All you have to do is show up with passion, follow directions and I’ll take care of the results.

Work Ethic is crucial. You can have excuses or you can have results but you cannot have both.

I excel in working with the athlete who is undersized, underweight and weaker than the norms for his / her age. There is no athlete too weak to train here. We will get you stronger, faster, more explosive and more confident.

Only highly dedicated, highly motivated athletes are accepted into the program. No exceptions. This ensures that every athlete training at our gym compliments one another and helps raise the bar for one another.

Showing up late, complaining, making excuses, etc. is unacceptable.

This is a unique program – I’ve had many athletes tell me that they wish they had started with me sooner.  Well, now is YOUR chance to give your athlete his or her best chance to succeed. To make it work, your support and commitment is needed.

Membership Prices & Options

I don’t offer sessions or count how often you train here.

Instead, I offer a membership which means Commitment from YOU.

I understand that building championship athletes is a long term process, not a quick fix that happens in a few workouts. The fads and gimmicks promise those lies, we focus on Honesty & Integrity.

– Training Options are Unlimited Training. Most of our athletes train 2–4 x week.  In terms of energy levels, on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest, if your athlete is a 7 or higher, he or she is ready to workout.  If not, then I recommend taking the day off.  I also recommend taking a week off here and there.  Perhaps, once every 8-10 weeks.  Taking a full week off will refresh the mind and body and, ultimately, equal better results.

– All workouts are Coached and individualized.  I maintain meticulous records with estimated 1 rep maxes for each athlete and then work within a percentage of the athletes estimated 1 rep max.

– ALL memberships are billed via monthly EFT credit card.  Need to Cancel? It’s simple. just email me with 2 weeks notice to cancel your membership.  If someone is waiting for a spot, this allows me time to let them know about the open spot.
Sorry, I do not accept checks or cash on a monthly basis as this has proven to become a bill collecting process. My expertise is in Coaching & changing the lives of young athletes rather than being a bill collector. I appreciate your understanding with this. Thank you.  Of Note: If price is your main concern then we are NOT the right program for you.

Please check my calendar to make sure there is current availability.

While other cookie cutter training facilities try to undercut everyone else with price it also reflects on their lack of expertise.

My track record of transforming and helping athletes is proven – I’m fortunate to have current area Head Football Coaches, Defensive Coordinators of State Champion football teams send their sons to my program and for those same Coaches to recommend my program to others.  I am NOT the Walmart of Athlete Strength & Performance nor do I strive to be.

You can go to the local gym or health club chain that looks flashy and nice but you will never find the expertise and caring found here.

All Training is a Minimum of 3 Months.

The Most Successful Athletes Train Year Round, Regardless of Off Season or In Season.

Investment for Membership Is Below.


Scott York Strength and Performance $195 / Month (3 month minimum)

Cancellation Policy is simple: email me with 2 weeks notice to cancel your membership. NO Exceptions.  If someone is waiting for a spot, this allows me time to let them know about the open spot.

ALL athletes need to get the edge over their competition if they want to truly excel and stand apart from the crowd. Their competition is already doing everything they are doing: attending athletic camps and clubs specific to their sport, training in their high school or collegiate weight room, etc.

If you’re doing the same training as everyone else how do you expect to set yourself apart from the pack? The truth is that you can’t, you are simply meeting the status quo.

My methods are specifically geared towards the development of your athlete, turning weak points into strong points and developing overall athleticism specific to their sport.

The methods used here did not come about from a weekend course or a few books like most other “coaches”. Our expertise has been crafted and molded, battle tested and proven with our athletes achieving above normal success time and again.

Why You Need an Expert For Your Athlete

The way I organize our training methods and training tools together is what separates us from the typical athlete development program and is exactly why our results quickly skyrocket the progress of any athlete who is part of our program.

Many parents and athletic coaches try to take the performance preparation into their own hands by getting the same training tools, thinking the equipment is the answer. Tools such as Russian Kettlebells, tractor tires, kegs, etc. Having the exercise tools does NOT qualify you as an expert.

For Example: My Mom has kettlebells at her house, this does NOT qualify her to train you or other athletes. I have a Football and Rugby ball in my house, this does NOT qualify me to Coach these sports.

Unfortunately, some individuals simply do not possess the appropriate level of interest and dedication to continuing with this program.  I do not believe in wasting either your money or your time if the individual is not progressing, and more importantly ENJOYING the program… and that’s actually OK – but to move forward there must be commitment by the individual and parent. If repeated absences, consistent negativity, not following the nutrition program as directed by me, or non-payment becomes an issue, membership will be discontinued. I encourage both individuals and parents to keep an open line of communication with me regarding the individual’s progress.

Ready To Join Us?

Scott York Strength And Performance






Question:  How long are workouts?

Answer:  Anywhere from 60-90 minutes depending on how many athletes are in the group.  I typically have the athlete text or call their parent 5 minutes before the workout is over.

Question:  Is this a year round program?

Answer:  No, but it should be.  And it can be.  If your athlete is a high school football player and football practice and “two a days” are starting, then scale back your workouts to 1 x week.  Your athlete will continue to get nutritional guidance directly from me daily, continue to focus on staying strong and injury resistant, work on mental toughness, and keep their spot in the program (there’s currently a waiting list).

Question:  Can we put our membership on hold?

Answer:  Yes, but I cannot reserve your spot.  I currently have a waiting list and your spot would most likely be filled immediately.  Nutritional guidance will stop, and the price may have gone up when you return.

Question:  How much is your program?

Answer:  The cost is currently $195.00 a month and is on monthly auto billing.

Question:  Why are Saturday workouts “group workouts”?

Answer:  The Saturday group workouts are incredibly valuable.  Athletes meet new members, I have mini competitions, I use a different workout format (small groups) to keep things fresh.  The workouts encourage teamwork, strategy, and are still very effective.  We typically focus on legs at one of the stations – barbell squats, front squats, single leg squats, box jumps, ghd, etc and then mix things up at the other 2-3 stations -sled pushes, drags, rogue echo bike, kettlebells, body weight exercises, sprints, etc.

Question:  Do you work with athletes online?

Answer:  Yes, in fact one of my current clients has had a major success story.  The short version is that both he and his Mom said that he was a “hard gainer” and had tried everything to gain weight for high school football.  I began working with him 9 months ago and now he’s 30 lbs heavier (good weight), stronger and more confident.  Cole drove up from Buda recently to join us for a Saturday workout.  To inquire about my online coaching, please contact me.

Cole, second from right