This is a Summer program called Foundation.


Foundation:  a body or ground upon which something is built up or overlaid

Foundation is an introduction to weight training and nutrition for 7th and 8th graders.  This is a twice-a-week 60-minute workout consisting of a brief Q&A, warm-up, workout, and cool down.  This program is coached by Scott York.


More and more parents are asking me about enrolling their kids into my Strength and Performance program.  Currently, my Strength and Performance program is for 9th graders and up.  To better serve you, two years ago in 2019, I started an experimental Summer program called “Foundation”.  This program is designed to introduce the athlete to proper weight training, conditioning, mindset, accountability, nutrition, and stretching.  This is a workout program and the athlete will get their heart rate up and sweat in a motivating, encouraging environment. I will only increase loads conservatively.

Bodyweight will be used along with Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Barbells, Resistance Bands, Medicine Balls, and more.
Combined With: Rogue Bike, Sprints, Jumping, and the Rogue Sled.

My approach will be more of an introductory one in which athletes get exposure to age-appropriate fundamental movements using safe form.  The athlete will learn the importance of understanding intensity zones.  They will also learn more about using “Focus” in athletics and sports and why Focus is such a powerful tool to tap into.  My goal is to inform, inspire, and prepare athletes with the tools needed to help them perform in sports at their highest ability. There will naturally be a carryover into other areas of their lives.

This program is for those who have a burning desire to excel.  As much as I’d love to work with your young athlete, please do not sign them up unless you are 100% sure that he/she wants to do this.

*Please contact me before signing up.

**Minimum of 3 athletes required.

Questions and Answers:


How is the “Foundation” program different from your “Strength and Performance” program?


The dynamics of this Foundation group will be a little different than the Strength and Performance program (older kids). For the Foundation program, I’m thinking more “Strength and Performance Light”.  Everything will be ratcheted down a level in terms of accountability (but not expectations) so as to ease the kids into what a college-level/professional Strength and Performance program looks like without making the kids feel stressed out or nervous about “messing up”. I want them to have fun while they learn.

For example, we may warm up with a quick game of basketball (breaks down barriers, encourages laughter), then we may do a dynamic warm-up (high knees, skips, jogging, bounding, etc), then we get into the workout (starting out with broomsticks if necessary to encourage proper form, discuss “why” certain lifts are done and “what” the benefit is of the lift), then we may use medicine balls, sleds, light kettlebells, resistance bands. During all of this, I’m getting to know the athletes, talking about nutrition, goal setting, and what their goals are. I’m sharing stories of success that they can relate to in order to encourage them.

The underpinnings of the Foundation program are accountability, discipline, and physical and mental toughness but in a ramping up to the Strength and Performance style.