What: Summer Sweat Squad (Fitness Boot Camp)

When: 3 days a week (7:15 am – 8:00 am), Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – Session 3 starts June 26th.

Session 1  5/1/24 – 5/27/24 (Registration Closed)

Session 2 5/29/24 – 6/24/24 (Registration Closed)

Session 3 starts  6/26/24 – 7/22/24

Where: My garage gym

Who: You!  Anyone looking to improve his/her health and fitness.  Limited to 5 people per class.  We will need 5 people to sign up to create this class.

How Much: $125/month

Sign Up And Reserve Your Spot:

Details:  I started a general fitness “Fitness Bootcamp” way back in 2005 in Cedar Park at Elizabeth Milburn Park.  I had 3 locations around the Austin area during the 6 years that I owned “FullForceFitness”.  I catered to moms and some dads who wanted to start their day with a great workout and a great group of like-minded people. FullForceFitness was one of the first fitness boot camps in the Austin area.  We had teachers, stay-at-home moms, working moms and dads, college students, and working professionals.  People just like you who might have been a little anxious about joining a group of strangers to work out early in the morning but quickly realized how easily they fit in, got healthier, and went on to make new friends.


Here’s what you can expect at my new BootCamp class that I’m calling “Summer Sweat Squad”:


You arrive a little early (the workout starts at 7:15 am), bring water, a large towel, or a mat for ground stretching/exercises.  You put your keys, phone, etc on the shelves near the entrance of the garage.  I welcome you and answer any questions, we start slowly with a group warm-up consisting of stretching.  Next, we move into ab/core work as part of the warm-up.  We will use both the garage and driveway so there is plenty of room to spread out.  After the warm-up, we take a quick break as I go over the workout.  The workout will consist of strength, mobility, agility, and Crossfit-inspired techniques to ensure that you get the most efficient workout in the 45 minutes that you are here. Lastly, we’ll do a group cool down and good job!  The workout is over!



FullForceFitness 2005-2011


Here is just some of what those members of FullForceFitness had to say about their experience:


“I have never had abs until I started your classes.”
Sheila Joyce/Cedar Park, TX


“Hi Scott,
I hope your week is going well. I’d like to start by saying that I
thoroughly enjoyed your Bootcamp class!!! It was great and so were you.
Thank you so much I appreciate it!!!”
Nikki M./Cedar Park, TX


I just wanted to tell you that last week I went to a “Big Name” gym.
I was watching what was happening in the gym.
Now I have never belonged to one of these places, and have only been inside one or two in my life.
I was very disappointed to see that few people interacted with each other.
In all fairness, I was near the elliptical and treadmills, but they just got on the machine and stared at the TV.
Obviously, I am a bit biased as I LOVE your class, but I can’t imagine paying to go to such an impersonal place.
Anyway, just wanted to give you a pat on the back for creating such a great atmosphere, in your classes, and taking a personal interest in all of us.”
A FullForceFitness Member
Cedar Park, TX


“Thanks for all you do Scott! Your program is awesome!”

Sabrina B./Cedar Park, TX


scott york fitness testimonial sheila
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Questions and Answers:

Q – When does this program start?

A – Session 1 starts Wednesday, May 1st at 7:15 am, Session 2 starts May 29th at 7:15 am, Session 3 starts June 26th at 7:15 am, Session 4 starts July 31st at 7:15 am


Q – Who is this program for?

A – Anyone who is looking to improve their health and fitness.  This is a general fitness boot camp class for the general public.


Q – I can’t do push-ups, squats, pull-ups, or run – can I still participate?

A – Yes, as long as your doctor approves of your participation and you have a desire to get stronger and improve your general health. I’ll have you fill out a health questionnaire after you sign up, along with a liability waiver, in which you will list any physical limitations.


Q – Why is this class limited to 5 people?

A – Space is limited.  If it rains, we will workout in the garage and there is only so much room to move about freely.


Q – What is your weather policy?

A – If it rains before the start time of 7:15 am, I will contact all members and we will cancel the class. If you do not hear from me, it is business as usual. We will have make-up days due to weather cancellations each month.


Q – What if I miss the class, am I still charged?

A – Yes, I run this class like a gym membership so unless you have a planned day or days off (vacation, etc), you will be charged for missed classes.  If you have a vacation planned, let me know in advance and I will take note of your days off and you will not be charged.


Q – Can I sign up with a friend?

A – Yes.


Q – Can I try a class out for free?

A – Yes, of course.  Please let me know in advance.  See my Contact Page to contact me.


Q – Do I need to bring any equipment?

A – No, just bring water and a large towel or mat for ground exercises and stretching.


Q – What kind of equipment will we be using?

A – Dumbbells, barbells, medicine balls, jump boxes, Rogue bike, Concept Rower, elliptical, Assault Runner, sandbag, kettlebells, sled, and more.  You do not need to know how to use any of this equipment as I will be your coach, showing you how to use the equipment until you feel comfortable.  We will also do bodyweight exercises and stretching.


Q – What is your experience, background?

A – Please check my About Me page.  Let me know if you have any additional questions.