SuperFit SuperFast Nutrition: The Busy Person’s Guide To Increasing Energy and Losing Weight

Here’s a hassle-free, guaranteed way to lose weight and gain energy instantly without having to follow a restricted low carbohydrate diet.

*UPDATED November 2019!











Since publishing this book in 2015, Scott won the title of “Austin’s Fittest Man Over 50”.

“I attribute my winning the title of “Austin’s Fittest Man” due, in part, to the nutritional methods in this book. I had more energy, felt great and didn’t starve myself with fasting or low carb diets.

The author, Scott York, is a busy father of four kids and has gone from 250 lbs to a healthy, lean muscular weight of 176lbs. With no time to waste on energy-sapping low carb diets, highly restrictive diets or intermittent fasting, Scott has a new lease on life since using the methods in “SuperFit SuperFast Nutrition”.

Here’s what you’re going to get out of reading and implementing the
information in this eBook:

*A little known method of eating that allows you to eat foods that
taste good, in healthy amounts while promoting weight loss and increased

*An organized, sensible nutrition program that can be started today.

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Mom’s Guide To Weight Gain For High School Football Players: 5 Proven Strategies

*UPDATED September 2019!

“My son is 15, plays high school football, and only weighs 155lbs. He wants to put on weight to get bigger, faster, stronger. Can you help?”

These are the types of questions that I regularly receive from Moms. I’ve heard more and more from Moms. They have sons who are in 8th, 9th, 10th grade and have become interested in getting bigger and stronger for high school football. They want to gain weight. The techniques in this book will work for all athletes who want to get bigger, faster, and stronger for his/her sport.

“Your training is truly one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. We love everything about you and the program. (Our son) is very confident and knows he has lots of room to grow and get stronger.”
M.L./Cedar Park, TX

“You are a huge part of (our son’s) life and his success…”
A.B./Cedar Park, TX

“Scott’s training is unique because he trains the whole athlete. He monitors food intake; he measures success by setting goals with the athlete, benchmarking the journey, then celebrating attained goals.
He speaks passionately about the mental game of focus. He coaches the athlete on how focus can be a game-changer.
I have witnessed how his training methods are effective both in the gym and in life. My son has become laser-focused on goals in and out of sport. I am truly thankful for Scott’s influence in my son’s life. He is learning skills that will help him be successful in life.”
R.N./Cedar Park, TX


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