Does Your High School Athlete Need A Professional Strength Coach This Fall?


It’s been a lot of fun working with all of your athletes this Summer!

I’ve demanded 100% effort from them in terms of effort, nutrition, mental toughness and enthusiasm. We’ve worked on using correct form, they’ve been educated on “why” they do certain lifts and their confidence has improved as the weights have gone up. They set high goals on bench press, squat, deadlift and power clean. Some have reached those (or some of those) goals and are working on the next weight goal or the one after that. They hung on when they were surrounded by bigger, stronger, older athletes. They walked out of here with heads held high knowing that they put in the work and accomplished something special. We’ve counted down the days until football season.

They should be proud. I know I am.

I can’t wait to see how all of this translates onto the football field. I really cannot imagine that anyone in their grade (9th and up) across the state of Texas worked harder on a consistent basis – and paid attention to their food intake as well as they have. If they can inspire and pull out greatness from their teammates, I think they will have an amazing season.

With school around the corner, where do we go from here? Does my strength and performance program end? What happens next?

Answer: The most successful athletes will train year round regardless of off season (Spring/Summer) or in season (football season). They will take a week off here and there for vacation, holidays and/or to rest mentally and physically.

  • Step 1 is to ask the athlete if they want to continue training with me.
  • Step 2 is to determine if it’s financially realistic (I only have one price structure which is 195/month direct pay).
  • Step 3 is to come at least 1 day a week ( 2 days a week is fine if it works with the athlete’s schedule, 3 days is probably too much). The athlete will continue to have their nutrition monitored daily by me. Coming once a week to train is beneficial because most football players get smaller and weaker as the season progresses. If they make the playoffs, they are weakest when they need to be strongest. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “I wish I had started training with you sooner.” By coming once a week to train, they will stay focused on their strength goals, they will continue to be coached at a very high level, they will stay injury resistant and they will be part of an elite group. They must make good grades to remain. A’s and B’s at a minimum. There’s no excuse for C’s. You’ll need good grades to play at the next level so it has to become a main focal point.

If the athlete comes 1 x week, it works out to $48.75 per week or $195/month. They also get nutrition monitoring.

I normally charge $300 a month just for nutrition with my other online clients. No strength training, just nutrition coaching. Although I no longer do one on one personal training, I would charge $75 per session minimum. 4 sessions would be $300. I feel like there is tremendous value in the $195/month rate. Whether it be 1 training session a week or 3.

Although the smoke hasn’t cleared, I know that some athletes will continue with me and some will not. I also know that I will be getting some baseball players who want those spots that are no longer taken. We’ll just have to wait a week or 2 and see. Going forward, workouts will be briefer yet focused on continuing to gain strength. As long as the athlete’s nutrition is solid, rest is adequate and desire is there, maintaining and even gaining strength is possible. For football players, Saturday and Sunday time slots will be at a premium due to school and practice during the week. Baseball players will want both week days and Saturdays.

Just like we did this Summer, we’ll get the Fall schedule nailed down within 2-3 weeks once school starts. It may be a bumpy start but we’ll get there.

At the end of the day I think the best thing to do is to ask the athlete if they want to continue training with me this Fall and determine if it’s financially realistic. Either way, I support your decision. If so, figure out the best day(s)/time each week and continue with the same group, sharing carpooling duties. If not, please message me here on fb and I will cancel the direct payment so that you are not billed again.



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