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When you allow yourself to begin to dream big dreams, creatively abandon the activities that are taking up too much of your time, and focus your inward energies on alleviating your main constraints, you start to feel an incredible sense of power and confidence.

–Brian Tracy
I’ve seen a lot of physical and mental transformations in the nearly 30 years that I’ve been training people in the fitness industry (check out my testimonials page for just a small amount of feedback).
It’s such an honor to witness someone who is transformed.  They’ve stuck to their fitness plan, followed a sound nutritional program and lo and behold they’ve achieved what they set out to achieve.
They’re full of positive energy, radiant smiles and walk tall amongst the crowds.
In every instance, they say it was worth it.
I’ve never heard anyone say, “Darn, I wish I hadn’t gotten in such great shape!”
But I have heard “I really wish I could’ve stuck with it…”

Scott York Fitness - Resolution

Usually “life gets in the way” of their goals.
Here’s a secret.
That will never change.  There will always be some obstacle in your path – serious and not so serious obstacles.
Have you ever thought that perhaps those obstacles are placed in your way on purpose?
Maybe they are there to “see how badly you want it”.
This is how success stories happen.  These “obstacles” are merely stepping stones on your path to success.
So what will change this year for you?  Will you wither or will you blossom?
Leave your comments below, share your thoughts.
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