Why I Said “Ha, Ha, I Would Never Want To Be A Coach”

When I was in 7th grade I entered a newspaper photo caption contest.

The photo was of a quarterback getting ready to throw a pass.  There were offensive and defensive players all around him.  The angle of the photo made it look like the quarterback was reading a sign on the wall of the stadium.  A teammate was looking at the quarterback.  To me it looked like the caption should read:

“Stop reading the sign and throw the ball!”


I cut out the newspaper entry form, wrote down my caption,  folded it up and placed it inside an envelope which I then mailed to the Corsicana Daily Sun newspaper.  I forgot about it and life went on.  I came home from school a couple of weeks later to find an envelope on the kitchen table with a return address from the Corsicana Daily Sun. I ripped it open and a check for $25.00 dollars fell out. The check had my name on it.


From that day forward my Mom has encouraged me to be a writer.  I didn’t see the connection.  Sure I wrote the occasional love letter to girls, Christmas wish lists and the words “sloppy joes” on the weekly grocery store shopping list…but that was about it.

Fast forward.

During my lost years in my early 20’s I would say to anyone who would listen that I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life.  I hated everything.  Except fitness.  My Mom suggested that I “be a coach”.

“Ha, ha, I would never want to be a coach,” I would reply smugly as if I was too good to be a coach.


I became a personal trainer (which is very much like a coach).  I liked it and was good at it.  I started a training business and it blossomed into a full time gig.  I’ve been training people since 1985.

I met Joe Vitale in 2006.  He’s an author.  He’s struggled with his weight for years getting up to 300lbs at one point in his life.  Through a series of coincidences, I met Joe, became friends with him and shortly after, became his trainer.  I trained him.  He wrote books.  I watched as he wrote and released some of the most inspiring books that I’ve ever read.  He wrote “The Attractor Factor”, “The Key”, “Zero Limits”, “Faith”, and more.

Joe entered a transformation contest in 2007, got his weight down below 200lbs and received an honorable mention in the contest for his age group.  I trained him and oversaw his nutrition during this process.  The dieting was tough.  At that time, the only diet that I knew could work was one that followed the low carb/low calorie protocol.  I know Joe struggled with the diet.  He was low on energy and had to fight back hunger every day. This is especially tough when you’re an author and need creativity and brain power to write blogs, books and articles.

After the transformation contest, Joe took a much needed vacation to Hawaii. We took a break from training and went on about our lives.  We always stayed in touch via emails, text messages and occasional visits.


Joe continued to inspire and motivate me with his books and I continued to look for ways to keep him motivated and inspired with his fitness goals.  I knew that Joe was still struggling with the nutrition part.  He wanted to get a fitter, healthier body but he didn’t want to suffer for the reasons mentioned above.  His workouts were good but the constant dieting was a struggle.  He tried a few other diets which caused him to lose weight but then he gained it back again.

September 2013 was an awakening month for Joe.  He mentioned me in the tweet above recently because he has been following a nutrition plan that I created which is not low carb, not overly restrictive and gives him lots of energy.  I discovered these nutritional principles 5 years ago, dusted them off and have been painstakingly refining and tweaking them.  I’m down to 175 from 205lbs. I won Austin’s Fittest Man Over 50 this year.

I work from home and  chase 4 young boys around 7 days a week.  I understand the parent struggle to find balance while taking care of family, school activities, little league, illnesses, homework, birthdays, holidays,etc.  There is no turning the phone off, locking the door and saying “I’ll just take the day off today.”  Even as I write this, I can hear my 2 yr old instigating trouble with his 7 year old brother.  I need energy.  Lots of it.  I need a program that works.  I’m not waiting around on the latest research touting the benefits of this supplement or that diet.  I’m taking matters into my own hands.

It feels good to give back to Joe.  It’s fun to see how excited he’s become as his clothes become looser and looser.  He emails me almost every day with another breakthrough.

My mom is 78, pumps iron, runs, walks, does yoga and plays with her umpteen grandchildren at family gatherings.  She sends me pictures of herself standing on her head.  Both Joe and my mom are heroes and sources of inspiration. Joe’s an inspiration to me and to hundreds of thousands around the world with his books and movies.  My mom?  She makes the best sloppy joe’s ever.

– Scott (coach, author, sloppy joe eater)

photo by Brian Fitzsimmons, Austin Fit Magazine
photo by Brian Fitzsimmons, Austin Fit Magazine









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