Use This Tip For Better Chest Development

I work with the pros.  Pro Bodybuilders, fitness models, fitness athletes.  These people are the elite of the elite.  You see them on the covers of Muscle and Fitness, Flex and all of the other top bodybuilding and fitness magazines.

As a result of working side by side with them, filming them, writing about them, and spending lots of time with them, I’ve picked up a lot of tips for getting better results when it comes to developing your body.  Tips that you can use right away.  In this video, I explain how just tweaking your body position a little can pay off in massive dividends if you’re trying to bring your chest up.

Pro bodybuilder, Lee Priest shared this tip with me.  Lee learned it from Lou Ferrigno’s training partner and best friend, Ira Bankopfsky.  I noticed a big difference right away in terms of a better contraction in my chest and less stress on my shoulders.

The only thing you’ll change is the angle of your body – the sets and reps stay the same as what you would normally do.

note This video was filmed in my garage gym in Jonestown, Texas where I put “lucky” personal training clients through beginner to advanced workouts.


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