The Perfect Biceps Curl

Hey, Guys.

You say you’ve tried nearly everything but you can’t seem to budge from your 15″ arms?

I’ve got a great tip for you from one of the iron games original trainers.

His name?

Vince Gironda – “The Iron Guru”

I could talk about this colorful character forever but for now, we’re going
to keep it simple and talk about biceps and the perfect curl.

You can ONLY do this with a straight bar unless you want the spirit of vince to
come out of his cold dark grave and cuss you out.  No EZ curl bars, no dumbbells
and no cable machines or machines of any type allowed.

As Vince would say “Damn it, if you’re not going to do it right, don’t do it at

1) Grasp the barbell at shoulder width or a tad wider.  Rest your elbows or “albows”
for you Canadians on your hip bones.  Curl the barbell for the first 10″  Vince would tell you that this is the
1st of the 3 parts of the movement.  In this part, you’re working the low biceps.

2) This part (part 2) works the middle part of the biceps.   You’ll feel an amazing contraction here.

3) During this part, your head and shoulders travel forward, keepiong the elbows
stable on the hip bones and bringing the bar to the neck.  This part works the
high biceps.

Now do the negative part of the movement in the same exact same way as the positive.

Keep the elbows plastered to the hips

You will not be able to use nearly as much weight as you normally would during a
barbell curl.

Rep tempo is about 6 seconds.

Spend some time on this technique as you would an advanced MMA combo until it
hits the biceps perfectly.  And then you have mastered “The Perfect Curl”.

Include this exercise as part of your every 2nd or 3rd biceps workout but not
every workout – that would be like doing barbell squats for every leg workout.

Too much overuse for something this potent.

I’ll be covering a lot more on Vince’s methods and his “train for shape and strength
will follow” philosophy in future videos.

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Scott York is a fitness expert in Jonestown, Texas.  He runs a thriving personal training business, is married and a father to 4 boys.


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