Testimonials from clients over the years from my fitness bootcamp, 1 on 1 training and athletic training:


“So I have been blessed the last month to have a friend who has opened up his gym/program to coach and train both me and my son. This is giving my son the confidence,training,strength and direction he needs to be more successful in football & life. It’s giving this old guy new goals (Austin’s Fittest Competition later this year), fellowship,motivation, stress relief…the list goes on. Thank you Scott York…your coaching,motivation,program,attitude,experience and drive to help make me and my son better are tremendously appreciated and we are very grateful. I know you are a humble man Scott York but I just had to let the world know what an awesome guy you are and what an awesome program you have!”
Scott H. / Lago Vista, Texas


“Scott’s training is unique because he trains the whole athlete. He trains the physical side by using proven, current training techniques customized to the athlete and the athlete’s goals. He monitors the food intake and sleep patterns. He measures success by setting goals with the athlete, bench marking the journey then celebrating attained goals.

He trains the intellectual and emotional side of the athlete by referencing many books he has read as well as personal experiences that are positively motivating. He speaks passionately about the mental game of focus. He coaches the athlete on how focus can be a game changer.

As a trainer, Scott’s differentiator is that he trains along side the athlete. He doesn’t ask what he is not willing or able to give.

He has worked with my son for about 6 months now. I have witnessed how his training methods are effective both in the gym and in life. My son has become laser focused on goals in and out of sport. He has learned the fine art of taking time to celebrate victories as well as recalibration when necessary. I am truly thankful for Scott’s influence in my son’s life. He is learning skills that will help him be successful in life.”

R.N./Cedar Park, Texas


“I wanted to tell you that I am really enjoying your class and appreciate your patience, motivation, professionalism and obvious passion for what you do. It really is contagious!”

R. Armour/Cedar Park, Texas


Hi Scott,
I will have to miss class tomorrow morning due to an 7AM meeting I must attend.:( This is my first class to miss!!
I really do enjoy this class, it is motivating and I have so much fun!
Have a great day!”
Cheryl D./Cedar Park


“I love the results I’ve had in the short time that I have been doing your boot camp. My friends and family have noticed changes in my body and mindset as well. Thank you.”

Misty G./Cedar Park



I just wanted to let you know that this morning, without fail I got up, got dressed, got in my truck and drove the 25 miles into cedar park to train!

Yes I said this morning~LOL~I am enjoying the boot camp so much that I am craving it even when we have a week off!

I never even paid attention and all I knew was that I wanted more! I took advantage of my enthusiasm and went to a gym that I have a membership to~yes I haven’t been in there in about 4 weeks and worked out for my 45 minutes!

Thanks so much for the continued emails from FullForceFitness.net~(2 years)~ even when I was unmotivated!! So glad to be back! Thanks again, Kelley R./Lago Vista


“Hey Scott:

I’m back from skiing and it was GREAT. I was able to keep up with my
husband and I skied blacks this time.

I also want to let you know that I
have gone from a size 16 to size 10 since I started boot camp.

I’m on to my next goal now that skiing is over. I want to do the 425
mile bike ride called Ride the Rockies. So I will be signing up for at
least 3 more session.

I have about 18 months to train for the 425 mile
bike ride. If you know anyone that may be interested please let me know,
we can have up to 10 people on our team. The bike ride is June.

I missed the sign up date this year, which is just as well I’m not ready to ride
the 425 mile. Here is the link if you need more information

I will see you in the morning. Thanks for putting on such a great

Cedar Park, TX


“For anyone who is intimidated by your class because they feel they are “too
overweight” or “not in good enough shape”, I say try it and make a
commitment to stick with it and YOU WILL get results. Not only will you
lose weight but you will feel so much stronger and better about yourself.
All you have to do is show up!!”

C.B./Cedar Park


“My daughter always asks me about class. Today I was proud to tell her
about the session challenges and how I had progressed over the session.

I think I am most proud that I beat my 1 mile time again – by myself.
You can easily play head games and talk yourself into slowing down but
today I guess I kept my head on straight. I figured I would need
someone out in front to help me keep up the pace, but I proved that to
not be the case.”

K.J./Cedar Park


“Thanks for today. Even though the workout seemed overwhelming, I feel
accomplished. Just gotta finish that rope climb and improve on my run. It
was a great workout!”

K.S./Cedar Park



I just wanted to tell you that last week I went to a “Big Name” gym.

I was watching what was happening in the gym.

Now I have never belonged to one of these places, and have only been inside one or two in my life.

I was very disappointed to see that few people interacted with each other.

In all fairness, I was near the elliptical and treadmills, but they just got on the machine and stared at the TV.

Obviously I am a bit biased as I LOVE your class, but I can’t imagine paying to go to such an impersonal place.

Anyway, just wanted to give you a pat on the back for creating such a great atmosphere, in your classes, and taking a personal interest in all of us.”

A FullForceFitness Member
Cedar Park, Texas


“Thanks for all you do Scott! Your program is awesome!”

Sabrina B.

Cedar Park, TX


“I am reaalllyyyy Jonesin’ to get back – I know I’ve only missed 2
classes but I am not a happy camper. It is NOT the same doing Burpees
and all the other torture moves, in my garage, as it is having fun with
the girls in class. Even my music doesn’t make it better.”

Jill S.

Cedar Park, TX


“I just wanted to let you know about the positive results I achieved through the last 5 weeks of boot camp.

I went golfing twice over Christmas(I hadn’t played for about 4 weeks) and I hit the ball off the tee 10, 20 and almost 30 feet farther than I ever have!

I can only attribute this to boot camp and improving my core. I will most definitely continue to sign up for future boot camp classes, and recommend your classes to others interested in improving their overall physical well-being. Thank you!”

– Angela M., Cedar Park


“I loved the class and can’t wait to do it again – great program! The variety of exercises that the class offered was a huge plus – I did things that I had never done before and didn’t think I could do at first!

After 4 weeks I felt stronger and was very proud of the exercises I learned and accomplished!”

– Dana Swann, Austin


“I truly have enjoyed my reintroduction to Fitness! Peace & Goodwill.”

– Bridget, Cedar Park


“The early morning workouts actually give me more energy throughout the day to get more done. I have very young children who have been my excuse as to why I don’t have the time to work out. I’ve given up my excuses and just got busy doing it and it is the best decision I have made. I can feel myself getting stronger, faster, better and I am so proud of the progress I’ve made. Thank you for your inspired, creative and motivational classes.” –

Kim S., Cedar Park


“My wife is currently enrolled in your class and just registered for your next session (Session 14). She has really enjoyed the program and is definitely benefiting from your workouts.”

– Matt Smith, Cedar Park, Tx


“I am really enjoying boot camp so far. Thanks for all your help and advice!” –

Mary Millican, Cedar Park


“I can’t thank you enough for believing in me and sharing your book with me.”
– Joe Vitale/Texas


I was interested in this book since a family member struggles with health and nutrition. It was nice to see that a male that is a busy father can put together meals that keep energy up and the belly tight and toned. This book is a very concise and easy read without a lot of overwhelming scientific jargon.
– Nissa S./5 stars
Amazon Verified Purchase
Feb 24th 2014


Never used to work out when traveling. Been to the hotel gym every day this week! Thank u @ScottYork and @BillPhillips
— Joe Vitale (@mrfire) September 24, 2013


“I’ve been actively involved in fitness since 2000. It’s clear to me that nutrition is the real key to getting Americans off the starve/binge roller coaster and stopping the march toward national obesity.
THIS BOOK is the key! I have been eating in a manner similar to what the author details, but I haven’t been doing it nearly well enough, UNTIL NOW. His observation about the digestion of proteins and carbohydrates is truly cutting edge.
Follow the advice in this book and you WILL lose fat, and you won’t ever yoyo diet again!”

George E. Nolly, 2000 Body-for-LIFE Champion


“I have been a client of Scott York, and have known him both professionally & personally for almost 3 years.

I would recommend Scott with the highest consideration to anyone who has an interest in pursuing their own personal goals within the field of health and strength
conditioning, physical fitness, health and body building! Please feel free to contact me should you desire any further details regarding my experience and achievements I have acquired in my association with Scott.”

Sincerely, Dr. Gil Bruce Scarnati
Austin, Tx


“This is a letter of reference for Scott York. I have had 12 training sessions with him (thus far) and am happy to report that Scott is an excellent trainer!!
He is very knowledgeable about training mechanics and has been equally helpful with diet planning. He gives great encouragement, but is protective regarding any
possible injury. He is attentive to detail. He acts in a professional manner at all times. I am so pleased with my progress that I am planning to extend training beyond the 12 sessions that I have already had.
I wholeheartedly recommend Scott to anyone who is interested in improving his or her workout!!”

Sincerely, David G. Hopkins, M.D. Austin, Tx


“Enjoy your news letters very informative,look forward to more
Joe S, Cedar Park, Tx


“I really do enjoy the training camp workout. I feel so energized throughout the day by starting off with your class first thing in the morning!”
– Lori N, Cedar Park, Tx


“I enjoyed working out with the training camp. Its motivated me to eat better and get a serious,
consistent program going. Please keep me on the email list for the next session into the fall.”
– Stephanie L, Cedar Park, Tx


“I truly enjoyed the training camp and it got me back in the exercise mode!”
– Cherri S, Cedar Park, Tx


“Since starting Boot Camp, I’ve seen, others have made comment to, definition
in my arms and legs I’ve never been able to achieve before. I have more
strength in my legs and a leaner abdomen. I enjoy the variety of exercises
and the compact time it takes to see great results! I recommend Boot Camp
to anyone, whether you are new to exercising or a veteran, if you want
results and are willing to give it a try, you will be pleased with the
– Stefanie E, Cedar Park, Tx


“Keep me posted about the training camps in 2006. It has really
made a difference in my athleticism!”
– Mary B., Austin, Tx.