Taking The Guesswork Out Of Weight Gain For High School Football Players

I was running this morning, huffing and puffing. Dodging the deer – we have them all over the place out here in Lago Vista.  Feeling good trying to break my wife’s 1 mile time. We compete with each other like that.  As soon as she comes in the door from her run, I’m asking “What was your time?”


So this morning, the weather was perfect, crisp and cool.  Legs felt light, eyes on the horizon, positive vibes.  I knew I was going to beat her best time.  I was flying (for me). The deer watched with awe.  Then it happened.  I glanced down at my stopwatch.  Dead. My phone had died.


My fault.


I had no idea what my time was.  I kept going and finished up.  I hate that.  I guessed my 1 mile time, wrote it down and went on with the rest of the workout.  Guesswork. Ugh.  It reminds of when someone attempts to generalize an important question like:

  • How do I gain weight?  Eat more.
  • How do I save more money?  Spend less.
  • How do I get a promotion at my job?  Work harder.

They make it sound so easy. But not so fast.


Let’s take the topic of weight gain.  This is an important topic for high school athletes who want to maximize their potential and perhaps, play their sport at a higher level.  If they don’t gain weight, they may not start much less get a college offer.

I Feel Like I’m Eating More But I’m Actually LOSING Weight

OK, so what if we simply “eat more”. What exactly does that mean?
How much more is more? Should I eat more at just one meal or at every meal? How do I know if I actually ate more? How do I know if I’m doing this right?  I feel like I’m eating more but I’m actually LOSING weight, how come?  How do I know if I’m gaining “good” weight or just fat?


These are the types of questions that I receive regularly from Moms. They have sons who are in 8th, 9th, 10th grade and who have become interested in getting bigger and stronger for high school football. They want to gain weight.


Just last night I was training one of my high school football players.  We got on the topic of how good it feels to be getting bigger and stronger while the football season is underway.  In between sets, I asked him if his teammates had noticed his increase in size.  “Oh, yeah”, he said.  I wanted to know more.

“Do your teammates ask you how you’re doing it?”

“Yes”, he replied.  “I tell them that I’m monitoring my food intake and that I’m working with a guy”.

“What do they say when you tell them that?”, I asked.

“Nothing.  It’s probably because they are Seniors and this is their last year of football.”


This client has gained 16lbs in only 3 months and is turning into a monster on the football field.  He can feel it.  He says when he grabs an offensive player, it’s much easier to pull them down due to his increased strength.


Confidence.  Self assured.  Improved self esteem.


What Do The Football Coaches Think?

The coaches have noticed too.  Here’s an excerpt from an email that I received recently.

Thanks for what you are doing. The coaches and I have definitely noticed a difference.

Coaches love it when, as the football season wears on, the players get bigger, faster, stronger.  It’s usually the opposite.

Mom’s love it, too.

Scott has been working with my son for three months. In that time he has gained 16+ pounds and has increased in strength and speed. Thank you for including recipes in the book!! New protein packed recipes are always helpful!!

What Book?

After working on it for months, I’ve just finished my new book, “Mom’s Guide To Weight Gain For High School Football Players”.  If there ever was a secret weapon for a high school football program, this may be it.



You’ll learn my exact methods for taking one of my high school football players from a beginning weight of 162lbs as a sophomore to a 205lb senior linebacker starting for the Texas State 5a Champions, Cedar Park Timberwolves. He’s increased his bench press by 155lbs (currently 360lbs), his squat by 195lbs (currently 515lbs), his power clean by 95lbs (currently 300lbs) and his deadlift by 100lbs (currently 420lbs). He is currently the strongest football player of all time at Cedar Park High School. Update!  He won 19-5a defensive MVP!

I’ll outline the exact steps that I used (and am still using) with him along with the other football players that I work with.

Client, Keegan Nichols All Time Best, Cedar Park High School


Other than perhaps adding protein powder and/or protein bars, I do not recommend supplements. No creatine or other potentially harmful supplements. Just food.


As I strive to strengthen my skills as an effective strength coach, one of my goals is to simplify the weight gain process for high school athletes. The bottom line is that I want to help you do this in the most efficient way and in the shortest period of time. When you have your own training, health and strength on the line as I do, you tend to give a lot more effort, time and care into designing a weight gain program that works.  I also have 4 boys ages 15, 12, 9 and 5.  I’m already working with the 15 year old and I’m sure I’ll be working with the younger ones in time.


If you don’t have a well thought out, proven action plan, weight gain will be difficult if impossible. But with a plan and a little bit of strategy, gaining weight is simply the process of consistent, methodical effort. I know that having enough time is a challenge for busy Moms. I work from home and, as mentioned, we have 4 kids so I understand how important time is, so with my wife’s nudging, I took the process that I use with my weight gain clients (high school football players) and created this book for busy Mom’s like you.


Why Mom’s?  Because that’s where the questions have been coming from.  Mom’s.  My wife’s friends and coworkers.  My clients Moms.  Random emails.  I could feel the frustration and powerlessness in their inquiries.  They’ve tried everything.  But it hasn’t been working.


Now It Will.


Big results and personal satisfaction are yours if you promise to follow the program.  It’s easy to follow, is crystal clear, not expensive and, if you’re buying supplements of any kind other than food, e.g. protein powder, protein bars, STOP and save your money. We’re just going to work with food.  But I need your help because no matter how important your sons goals are and no matter how great of a strength coach I am, I – nor anyone else- will be able to help you unless you squash procrastination right now and make the commitment!


If you’re tired of struggling with your son’s weight gain, then check out my new book on Amazon.


It’s a quick read, maybe an hour – if you’re looking for an encyclopedia then this is not it.  It’s easy to understand information and contains my proven strategies that you can use right away and begin to feel confident in your son’s weight gain.


No Kindle? No problem!

You can download a Free Kindle Reading App, for your computer or mobile device. This means if you have a smart phone, an Android Tablet, or an iPad – just grab the Kindle App – and read for free!


Let’s get started!  Here’s the link on Amazon:



P.S. I left that deer in the dust


















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Ron Hillreply
December 20, 2017 at 11:12 AM

Definitely lije the part no stimulants. Kids think everyone has same results and they dont. Nothing replaces hard work and correct diet intake!

December 20, 2017 at 02:12 PM
– In reply to: Ron Hill

Amen, Coach!

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