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  • scott-york-fitness-nexersys-home-unit

    Nexersys Home Exercise Machine – Fast and Fun!

    Nexersys Fitness Equipment
    Take your punching bag to the next level with the Nerxersys boxing unit. The innovative fitness machine provides fast 4-minute circuit workouts that gives the whole body a workout in core, cardio, and strength training. With over 100 training videos, the Nexersys unit provides  solutions for

  • Improve Your Rotational Strength And Stablity To Kick More Butt

    What is rotational stability and why should you care? To me, rotational stability means how well your body behaves and reacts when twisting.  Imagine a baseball pitcher going through a wind up. …

  • The Sledgehammer Workout: The Right Tool For The Job

    I discovered what I call “The Ultimate Conditioning Tool” by accident. I had joined the bandwagon of buying and bringing a sledgehammer to my fitness  bootcamp at Elizabeth Milburn park in Cedar…