Smash Monday – Workout # 4 – Waist, Legs and Sprints!

The sledgehammer is an amazing conditioning tool.

The new core hammer, which is similar to a sledgehammer, is even more versatile.  Watch the video below to see  how you can use the core hammer in a unique way.

Warm up for 3-5 minutes first by doing some light stretching, jogging, 10 yd sprints at 50 % of max effort, etc.

Workout is:

  • Core hammer side to side x 30 seconds
  • Wall sits with core hammer hold x 60 seconds
  • Sprints x 50 yards

Beginners complete 1 round, Intermediate complete 2-3 rounds, Advanced complete 3-5 rounds.  Adjust exercise times based upon your capabilities.  For example, instead of 30 seconds, perform 60 seconds of the core hammer side to side strikes.  Instead of 60 seconds of wall sits, perform 30 seconds of wall sits, etc.

Training in this manner is different, which helps alleviate boredom, and it works your body in a totally different way.  You can find a sledgehammer in the local hardware store, the core hammer here or you may already have a sledgehammer in your garage.

This concludes my “Smash Monday” series – for videos 1, 2 and 3 and much more information on how you can benefit by including sledgehammer training in your program, use the links below:




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