Smash Monday – Workout #3 – Cardio and Core

Most athletes participate in standup power sports.

Most sport skills are initiated with the feet applied to the ground. The more force an athlete can apply to the ground, with good balance, the greater the potential for speed and power. Even swimmers and other non-ground based athletes will benefit from ground-based training. Training this way incorporates the use of more joints, bones, prime mover muscles, synergistic muscles, stabilizer muscles, tendons and ligaments together. Therefore, the training of athletes on their feet and with ground-based calisthenics trains the athlete similarly to what happens in sport.

Ground based training develops more athletic ability. The more athletic ability developed,  the greater the chances the athlete will maximize his/her athletic potential,provided the specific sport skills have also been developed. The ground-based lifts and activities that I use and coach are are: power cleans, hang cleans, power clean-n-jerk, power snatch, hang snatch, dead lifts, standing press, push press, front squats, back squats, one leg squat, step-ups on box, lunge, pushups, core variations, neck exercises for football players, handstand pushups, cone drills, bag drills, ladder drills, resisted sprints, sprints, core hammer drills, tumbling drills and more.

One of the best ways to develop the core body in the standing position is to perform different sledgehammer exercises. When you are using a sledgehammer or core hammer, your core body must provide great core stabilization to perform the lift.

smash monday – workout #3

This one is going to be tough.

It may not look like much but you will be working:

  • Cardio
  • Core
  • Shoulders

Watch the video first and then read the information below for clarification.

Smash Monday – Workout #3 – Cardio and Core
Warm up first and then do:
Power Jacks x 30 seconds
7 second rest
Plank With Alternate Front Raise x 30 seconds (15 sec each side)
7 second rest
Side Plank With Alternate Raise x 30 seconds (15 sec each side)
7 second rest

That’s 1 round.

Beginners: 1 round
Intermediate: 3 rounds
Advanced:  3-5 rounds
* increase time from 30 seconds to 60 seconds as you become stronger and improve your cardio

With this workout, you’re hitting cardio (power jacks), shoulders (power jacks and front/side raises), core (plank).

Holding a sledgehammer or core hammer is drastically different than using a dumbbell. You can experiment with your grip placement, closer to the sledgehammer head, further away from the sledgehammer head to make it easier or harder.  Dumbbells don’t give you this option.

Smash Monday!

Austin’s Fittest Man Over 50 (2015)



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