Smash Monday! Hammer Your Workout At Home – Core Hammer

What do you think of when someone tells you they’ve been using a sledgehammer in their fitness routine?


If you’re like most, you might think of someone using a sledgehammer to strike a tractor tire.

Striking A Tractor Tire


When I ran fitness bootcamps, that’s what we did.  We used a sledgehammer to strike a tire.  Since then, I’ve discovered that striking a tractor tire is merely the beginning of what’s possible when using a sledgehammer.

You see, I love using a sledgehammer in my training. Sledgehammers are:

  • Accessible

You probably already have a sledgehammer or can quickly get one at your local hardware store. They’re easy to find and are cost effective.

  • Portable

You can keep your sledgehammer in your garage or take it to the park in the trunk of your car. With proper care, they will last a lifetime. They are built to last.

  • Effective

With proper training, you will build muscle, lose fat (with sensible nutrition), improve athleticism, hand – eye coordination, balance, flexibility and foot work.  It’s unique, it’s fun and I’ve been using sledgehammers in my training for the past couple of years.

benefits of sledgehammer training

6 Ways Sledgehammer Training Will Help You Build Muscle, Lose Fat And Get Into Your All Time Best Shape!  If it will help me win Austin’s Fittest Man Over 50 this year (2015), it’ll help you become fitter.

  1. The Sledgehammer is asymmetrical which lends itself to a unique blend of balance (and imbalance) when used in exercise.
  2. There’s a big gravitational pull on the heavy side of the sledgehammer which is a totally different feel unlike anything else.
  3. Due to this gravitational pull, your core and the muscles on the other side of the body MUST compensate by working harder and unknowingly.
  4. 10-11+ calories a minute. That’s how many calories you can expect to burn as you build up to max intensity. This amount is on par (or more) than cross country skiing, mountain biking, rowing, swimming and elliptical training.
  5. Less abdominal work! Forget about doing hundreds of boring sit ups and crunches. If done intensely enough, sledgehammer training cuts down on the need for long abdominal workouts as the core muscles will be completely shot.  During my research, I came across a quote from an author who said that French coal miners had the best abs due to their consistent use of sledgehammers.
  6. Strength training. The sledgehammer is a strength training tool. You will work every muscle in your body and you will burn calories long after the workout is over due to EPOC (excess post-oxygen consumption). This is a secret weapon that experts use to burn more calories all day long. More muscle – even an additional couple of pounds of muscle – burn more calories. Include strength training in your fitness routine and you’ll burn more fat during the course of the day. Even while you’re sitting.

technology has made the sledgehammer even better!

What if you took a fiberglass handle and wrapped the grip with a snug rubber grip?  And then, what if you attached a round 8 pound rubber ball on the end?  The folks at have done exactly this and created The Core Hammer!

The Core Hammer

It’s safer than a metal sledgehammer, it’s made especially for fitness, and you can do 101 exercises with it including strength AND cardio based exercises.  Now if you don’t know where to start with your sledgehammer/core hammer training, I’ve got you covered!

Core hammer training is what helped me win the title of  “Austin’s Fittest Man Over 50” – 2015!  So who better to show you some quick workouts that you can do at home, at the park or just about anywhere?


Let’s “Smash Monday” together and include some sledgehammer/core hammer training into our workout routines.  Each Monday for the next 4 weeks, I’ll have a quick core hammer workout that’s fitting for beginners, intermediates and advanced fitness fanatics.  If I do my job right, you’ll begin to understand the reasons why you must include this type of “asymmetrical’ training regularly into your routine.

If you’re on social media, take a pic of yourself doing the workout or after with your choice of hammers (sledgehammer or core hammer) and post the pic on social media using the hashtag #smashmonday.  This way we can see those of you who are doing these workouts and give you a shout out! You don’t have to put anything on social media – it’s simply a fun option.

Here’s  your first workout!  Watch the video first, it’s short and then you’ll hear me explain the details of it afterwards.  Let’s get to SMASHING!

Smash Monday! Core Hammer Workout # 1

  • Warm up for 3-5 minutes doing a general warm up.
  • Set a timer for 30 seconds work / 7 seconds rest
  • Beginners do 1-2 rounds using step ups, box squats or body weight squats instead of box jumps.
  • Intermediates do 3- 5 rounds.  Adjust box from 20″ to 24″.
  • Advanced do 3 -5 rounds at 60 seconds per round instead of 30 seconds per round.  Adjust box from 20″ to 24″ or 30″.


This is an 8lb core hammer that I’m using in this video.  This type of training is not about the weight.  At some point, too much weight can be dangerous and can cause injury.  Beginners should start with a light core hammer or sledgehammer and work up to the next poundage.  This is a conditioning drill that will give you a great workout at home.  You’ll build athleticism, hand eye coordination, balance and agility.  Do right handed, over handed or left handed strikes.  Mix up the hand placement as you see fit always aiming for balance on each side of the body.

Austin’s Fittest Man Over 50 – 2015

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