Slipping Into Your Bathing Suit Again Is Easy (8 Tips)

I’ve helped more people fit into their bathing suits
again than I can remember.

Follow these tips to get faster results in a safe manner
and before you know it, your friends and family will want
to know what you’ve been doing to get into fantastic shape.

I want people everywhere to realize just how simple weight
loss can be.  You can start today, right now and you’ll be
well on your way.

Bathing Suit Season Tip #1:
Avoid soft drinks, juices and other drinks loaded with sugar.
These types of drinks are very high in calories.  A twelve
ounce soda can contain 150 calories of almost all sugar.

Bathing Suit Season Tip #2:
Eat 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables each day.
This will help most people meet their micro nutrient needs
for the day.  Since fruits/vegetables are a good source of fiber,
they will help people curb their appetite and control hunger.

Bathing Suit Season Tip #3:  Record what you eat and drink.
I use a free application for his iphone called “Lose It!”.
People will be amazed at how much they really consume
over the course of a day without really realizing it.
Keeping track of food intake is critical to success because it
gives people the true picture of what they are eating
(and how much) each day.

Bathing Suit Season Tip #4:
Exercise regularly and do it in the morning.  Research has
shown that by exercising in the morning (I prefer doing it
on an empty stomach), you’ll burn more calories all day long.
If you eat before exercising, guess what your body will use
for fuel.  Answer – the food that you just ate.  We want to
burn fat -so by not eating, we can more readily tap into
the fat stores and use those for fuel.

Bathing Suit Season Tip #5:
Build muscle.  Fact – bigger muscles burn more calories.  All
day long.  Just a quarter pound of added muscle tissue on
your body will increase your metabolism and will result in
zapping more of your bodies unnecessary fat.

Bathing Suit Season Tip #6:
Pay attention to digestion.  Every Time you eat, the first step
in the process is digestion.  Eat the right foods, in the right
combinations to encourage your digestive system to digest those
foods with the least amount of energy.  Your body will better
assimilate the nutrients and replenish your body faster and
more effectively.

Bathing Suit Season Tip #7:
Stay active.  Don’t lie down when you can sit.  Don’t sit when
you can stand, don’t stand when you can walk and don’t walk when
you can run.  Stay active.  Take the dog for 2 walks a day instead
of one.  Play ball with the kids.  Find a buddy to exercise with.
Do sit ups and planks during commercials.

Bathing Suit Season Tip #8:
Find your motivation.

“You cannot push anyone up the ladder unless he is willing to
climb” – Andrew Carnegie

Motivation has to come from within. Read motivating books, watch
movies, create a motivated mindset.  We’re bombarded all day long
by negative messages from the media (TV, print, online).  This
is “Trojan horse programming” and it can devastate your ambitions.

Turn it off, and turn your positive thoughts up.


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