Scott York Fitness Testimonial

“I am not sure where to start with other THANK YOU SCOTT for your program.Before I get started talking about the program I am going to tell you my view of Scott York (’s very friendly and you can tell he is doing this for the people and his own enjoyment and not the money.To me this is a priceless trait and it just makes the camp fun.He works to push you through the workouts and also to educate you on proper nutrition on your road to becoming fit. He also very giving, I once asked if he wouldn’t mind coming to talk to my fellow co-worker about fitness and he did not think twice before accepting the chance to come talk to them.

Overall Scott has a very calming and positive presence that when around you just want to push yourself to the best that you can. What more can you ask for from a coach.

About the camp:   I have been attending this camp for two months now and about to go into my third and it is completely amazing.

I was not sure what to expect at first as I had never done any type of group training, so I entered with an open mind and ready body. I took it easy trying to learn things at first and everything we were doing was simple to pickup yet challenging as a workout.

Here are a few things I have gained from the camp:

  • Suffering in a group is truly easier than doing it alone. I have worked worked out with partners before, I have used a personal trainer, and even now workout alone regularly. But when I am training with my group, they push me harder than I can ever do myself and I also am able to push them also.
  • Beating things is a good thing. The class has a lot of MMA style training. Regularly we use focus mitts, heavy bags, and dummies to punch, elbow, kick, and knee. To me there is no better way to relieve stress than getting to punch and kick things, oh, it is a good workout also.
  • Keep it Simple and create your own intensity. Most of the workouts that we do are not complex nor use complex machines/equipment, but they are planned out in a method to get the most out of your complete body. There are very few days that I not completely drenched in sweat after 45 minute workout.

A few of my own lessons learned in class.

  • One of the first classes a 15+ foot rope climb was part of the workout. I had never climbed a rope, at least in my adult life, I am just getting where I can do a few pull-ups unassisted. Well Scott asked, “you think you can get to the top” and I was not sure and said I would give it a try. In the back of my head I was thinking there is no way, but as I was put into a small team and assigned the task of climbing, I pushed and to the top like a monkey in a tree without problem. I was able to push that negative thought out and complete it for my team and not just me.
  • We are pushed to complete a challenge and one of them is a 12 min mile. I have been working out pretty solid for about a year now and on a treadmill I can push a 10-11 minute mile with a good pace but it is not solid running. With that I was thinking ok this should not be too hard I can do this within 12 (thinking it would be 10-11 minute time). Well I got started and pushed and was able to not only run the entire thing, but do it in around 8:50.
  • The next challenge put in front of us was a monthly challenge: 1/3mile run, 5 double unders, 5 clapping pushups, 5 burpies, 5 squat jumps. Well the first time I did this it took me 4:19 to complete. Well through the training and learning to push myself I was recently able to set my new PR at 2:53.

So in conclusion, I would highly recommend Scott’s Full Force Fitness Camp to anyone (beginner to advanced).

For me, the camp has assisted me in learning new ways to do my workouts that I can take anywhere.

But the most important thing that I have gained from this camp is that I have a lot more in me that I know and I can dig deep and push a little harder when the time is tough and overcome the want to take it easy or quit.

This camp will not only assist you with your physical fitness but also your mental fitness. You will be pushed and learn to push yourself to new levels you didn’t know you could go to.” – Michael F/Austin, TX


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