Training with a purpose.  Having goals.  Pushing.  Exceeding.  Falling down, getting up.  These are the topics that you’ll hear me talk about in my gym.  Although a gym is much more than a record board, the record board is important.  The record board shows you where you stand.  A lot of people don’t like that.  It makes them have to question their own ability.  But greatness never stops moving forward.  Hungry, hard driving athletes, on the other hand, LOVE the record board.

Top 5 Current Standings:

Bench PressSquatDeadliftPowercleanPull Ups Front SquatMilitary Press10/10Grace 115lbsFarmers Walk53/53 6,6,6,1635/35 6,6,6,16
K.N. 345lbsS.Y. 462lbsS.Y. 475lbsK.N. 270lbsS.Y. 22K.N. 383lbsK.N. 238lbsS.Y. 6J.K. 1:59Z.T. 1:56S.Y. 2:24E.H. 5:18
S.Y. 315lbsK.N 462lbsJ.K. 434lbsJ.K. 250lbsS.H. 13S.Y. 381lbsS.Y. 205lbsS.H. 6J.H. 4:17J.K. 1:58K.N. 2:28
J.K. 280lbs
J.K. 440lbsK.N. 405lbsS.Y. 222lbsK.N. 10J.K. 309lbsJ.K. 190lbsG.A. 5S.Y. 2:00J.K. 3:02
E.H. 213lbsJ.H. 300lbsS.H. 372lbsE.H. 186lbsG.A. 9E.H. 221lbsE.H. 139lbsE.H. 4
L.P. 210lbsS.H. 250lbsJ.H. 324lbsJ.H. 170lbsL.P. 8S.H. 208lbsJ.H. 135lbs