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Quick Workout For Busy Parents Used By Top Austin Strength Coach

My 2 year old was ready for a nap and I was ready to blow off some steam with a workout.

This workout is called “Top To Bottom – Bottom To Top”

Each round should take you around 1:15-1:30 using good form. Don’t get sloppy, just keep moving. Rest as needed. Work your way down from 6 reps to 1 rep.  I’m using two 35lb kettlebells in this workout.  This is more a muscular endurance workout with medium reps (6) but when you total all of the reps up, you’ll end up with over 300 reps.

This is a quick endurance workout using the clock or a timer.  It’s not about lifting the heaviest weight that you can.

My recommendation for men is 35lb/16kg kettlebells and for women is half of that.


It’s important to take time for yourself as a parent and do something healthy (exercise).  I’ve given you the workout here, the dishes, laundry and cleaning can wait.  Warm up by doing some gentle stretches, jumping jacks, squats and sit ups and get started!

You can alternate dumbbells for kettlebells if you must.



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