Functional Fitness: Set of 3 Assisted Pull Up & Resistance Bands

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  • WHY 3 RESISTANCE BANDS? SUITABLE FOR ANY FITNESS LEVEL: This kit of 3 offers the full range of resistance for 95% of men and women (and kids) between 100-300 lbs (45-136 kg). Our 3 pull up band set includes 41″ (105 cm) loop band sizes: Black 30-50 lbs (14-23 kg), Purple 40-80 lbs (18-36 kg), & Green 50-120 lbs (23-54 kg)
  • MAXIMIZE STRENGTH & IMPROVE RANGE OF MOTION: With correct use of our resistance bands you minimize the risk of injury and maximize the range of motion and mobility byalways working a muscle or combination of groups that you specify with each exercise. Increase strength for crossfit, powerlifting, and assisted pull ups.
  • SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE, EASY TO USE ONLINE GUIDE: There is a helpful pullup assist eGuide included that teaches proper technique and lays out easy-to follow training instructions. The guide was created by our in-house National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATIONS THAT HELP YOU ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS: Ideal for muscle up / pullup assist, power lifting, stretching or free weight substitute workouts. Compatible with any door pull-up bar or CrossFit rack. Use it to start or supplement your home gym. Bands can be used for both assisted movements (like pullups) or resisted exercises (pushing or pulling the band).
  • NO HASSLE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE AND LIFETIME WARRANTY! Your Product Purchase from Functional Fitness Always Comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a lifetime warranty on everything we sell.

These bands work great in combination with the pull up bar.  Let’s get that first pull up or 10 pull ups in a row.  Ask me how!


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