Lago Vista Strength and Conditioning Week 1

Saturday was the last workout of the week for this strength and conditioning phase.  As mentioned in previous posts, this is a 4 week cycle in which I’m focusing on adding strength to 4 different lifts including the:

  • Bench Press
  • Front Squat
  • Snatch
  • Split Jerk

Each strength workout follows a specific protocol with the reps and the weight.  The idea is to lift submaximal poundages, gradually increasing the volume, and the weight, resulting in becoming stronger over time.   If you’re serious about getting stronger – I mean really serious not just pipe dream serious then you must have a plan and it must be detailed.  I know exactly what weight I’m using for each set, how long I’m resting in between sets and how many reps I’m going to get on each set.

The last workout of Week 1 was the Split Jerk.  I did four sets, 3 reps per set and slightly increased the weight on each set.  I was really focused on form.  This lift is all about athleticism and moving quickly during each part of the lift.  You want to position your body correctly so that you’re making the weight as light as possible as it passes through space to the top of the rep.  It takes practice.  Lots of practice.  Tons of books have been written about these types of lifts, breaking down each excruciating detail into its finest point.  It’s actually pretty fun to learn these lifts and the benefits are many.

The next part of the workout was EMOM.  Using a specific weight and jerking it for 4 reps every minute on the minute.  This was tough because this lift has a lot going on and each rep takes longer than say a bench press.  There is definitely a conditioning element going on here.  At the end of the 10 minutes, it was time to rest for a few before tackling the conditioning part of the workout which was 75 burpees as fast as possible (using good form).  My time was 7:15.

I haven’t done these for more than 10 or 15 at a time so this was definitely a challenge.  My goal was 10 minutes or less. Next up is week 2 of 4.  I’m anxious to keep progressing, as the weather warms up, I become even more motivated looking to a fun filled Summer.  I want to be in my best shape with lots of energy to have fun with my kids. Working out regularly and following a good nutritional plan will all but assure us of that.



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