Lago Vista Spring Strength and Conditioning

Every year around this time, I begin planning my Spring conditioning program.

I train a lot of people.  Because of my YouTube channel with nearly 20 MILLION views, I get contacted by people from all over the place.  Sometimes they live right across Lake Travis.  I get high school athletes who want to get bigger, faster and stronger.  I get office workers who want to turn back the hands of time.  And recently, I’ve begun training my 11 year old son.

I love training others who are super motivated to improve physically and mentally.  They understand.  They are living for something greater than the average Joe who “used to be a great ball player…”

Uh, right.

So my Spring 2014 strength and conditioning plan will focus on four lifts – bench press, front squats, snatch, and split jerk.  I love throwing in the Olympic types of lifts as they require agility, speed, coordination, great reflexes and they are just down right fun to try and master.  They make you a better football player, wrestler, mma fighter and everything in between.

My goal is to increase my PR (personal record) in each of these lifts using a percentage of my one rep max.  So Monday is Bench Press day, Tuesday is Front Squat day, etc.  On top of that, will be conditioning work.  Today was:

3 x 400 meter sprints – resting up to two minutes in between each sprint

3 x 200 meter sprints (resting up to five minutes in between the 400’s and the 200’s)

My heart rate screamed up to 160 BPM (beats per minute) and my ePulse2 showed 400 calories burned just from the sprints.  Not including the strength training from this morning and the one mile brisk walk with my dog.

The strength part of this conditioning workout will be cake compared to the conditioning which involves kettlebells, pull ups, box jumps, olympic lifts, sprints, bodyweight exercises, rowing on the Concept Rower, ring work and more.  This is a 3 week aggressive strength and conditioning plan with the 4th week being a deload week.  At that point, I’ll reevaluate my goals and move on and up from there. As far as nutrition, my plan is to follow the principles in my “SuperFit SuperFast Nutrition” book.  Nothing keeps me in shape better.  And I’ve tried lots of different diets and nutritional plans since 1985.


Living here on the North Shore is ideal for outdoor workouts include sprints, sled pushing and pulling, plyometrics and more.  You have small and not so small hills to utilize and beautiful scenery to enjoy – when you’re not lying on your back breathing like a big, bad locomotive.

– Scott



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