“I Hear You Are Tough”


I had the following email recently from a potential FullForceFitness Camp participant.

It reads:

“Scott, Are you open for enrollment? I may be bringing two new friends with me. I hear you are tough! Talk soon,Tamm”


The answer to Tammy’s question is “Yes, I am now enrolling.”


The last part of her email made me stop and think.


“Am I tough?” as Tammy has heard.


Of course, there is always the tendency to take it easy on people, when you are a trainer or a teacher or a boss, etc.


A lot of people DO take it easy on others in these situations. But isn’t that taking the EASY way out?


Sure, you always want to be friendly, a good listener and encourage others but when it boils right down to it – my job is to make sure my clients (personal training or fitness camp) are training in a manner that challenges them – physically and mentally.


Here’s a great quote that sums up the philosophy of my fitness training –


“Don’t join an easy crowd; you won’t grow. Go where the expectations and the demands to perform are high.” – Jim Rohn


I like to think that the expectations are high.


There are going to be some days when the class is less challenging than others – that’s a fitness technique called “cycling”. You might have two tough days followed by a less tough day.


This gives the body a break but still allows for movement (stretching and light cardio), calorie burning and lean tissue growth.


So, yes, Tammy, I am tough.


And you know what?


So are the ScottYorkFitness participants!


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