I Gained 8 Pounds! Now What?

The problem with Thanksgiving deserts is that the more of them you eat, the more of them (and other sweets) you want.


So we went to IHOP (International House Of Pancakes) to see what they had to eat during the Thanksgiving holiday.  They had a lot of yummy stuff as you can see in the picture above.  I’ll be honest, I have no problem going off of my regular eating system whenever I want to.  It’s important to enjoy the special occasions and holidays and since eating is typically part of these occasions and holidays, I eat whatever I want guilt free.

And I believe you should too.  But you should also know how to quickly get back on track.

As I watched the NFL football games on TV, I noticed lots of those “indigestion” types of TV commercials.  I asked my 12 year old if he knew what indigestion was.

He did.  He’s heard me talk enough about proper digestion, eating correctly and the chemical occurrences that come with eating.

POP TEST for you

How do these indigestion tablets that the TV commercials are trying to sell us work?

Give up?

Here’s how.

They “neutralize stomach acid” according to one indigestion tablet makers website.  When you eat, depending on what you eat, your body releases acids and alkalines to break down the food.  Besides chewing the food, this chemical process is responsible for prepping the food for digestion and utilization.


If you don’t digest your food properly, you get distressed digestion.  This includes symptoms like:

  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Heartburn
  • Weight gain

and your internal organs have to work extremely hard due to these symptoms.  I know that this is going to happen when I eat like most people do on Thanksgiving.  But I also know how to remedy it without having to buy over the counter medications that do more harm than good.


I’ve gained 8 pounds since I’ve been enjoying the holiday and eating meals that I normally wouldn’t eat.

11/28/14 From 178lbs to 186lbs. Click to enlarge

As the image shows above, my weight has gone from 178 to 186lbs.  No big deal.  Yes, I feel bloated and lethargic but give me a couple of days and I’ll take be right back on track again.  Here’s how.

  1. Water.  I’ll drink lots of water to flush out toxins, chemicals and poisons.  Digestion requires water to efficiently take place.  I want efficient digestion.  Who doesn’t?  So I’ll drink up to 2 gallons of water each day as I normally do.
  2. Exercise.  I’ll make sure to get 60-90 minutes of exercise per day several times each week.  Not all at once.  I may walk the dog or take the 2 year old for a 30 minute stroller walk.  I may workout with weights for 45 minutes.  I may play football with the kids for 20 minutes.  It all adds up to 60-90 minutes per day, several times a week.
  3. Eat properly.  By combining my foods in the right way, I’ll avoid any digestion problems, have a ton of energy (impaired digestion requires a lot of energy) and I’ll lose weight.  I’ll still have a glass of red wine or 2 or a piece of pecan pie but I’ll use “strategic eating” to avoid indigestion and weight gain.


Indigestion is real.

Weight gain is common.

People are confused.

Look in the mirror.  If you are overweight and bloated then you are eating incorrectly.  As a result, you probably don’t have as much energy as you’d like to have.  I know LOTS of Doctors, nutritionist, fitness “experts”, coaches, and personal trainers who are overweight and bloated.  They’re confused.  They have self doubt when it comes to nutrition.  But they will never admit this.  Their schooling has taught them one thing but their bodies show the truth.  They don’t eat correctly.  Their digestion is impaired.


If you’re interested in healthy, efficient weight loss for a life time, check out my book on Amazon.  You can download a free sample and determine if it’s right for you.


It will be.  After putting the steps into place, you’ll feel better immediately because you’ll be in charge of how you feel.  You’ll know how to feel great and lose weight naturally without any medications or supplements.

Check back to this website in a week.  I’ll post another image of my body weight so you can see how good nutrition and digestion work.

As a busy father of 4 young boys, if I can do it – so can you.

Happy Holidays!


Scott York is a strength coach and trainer who lives outside of Austin, Texas in the Lago Vista area.  Scott has been training athletes and the general public since 1985.  Scott has trained Doctors, teachers, attorneys, athletes, fitness and figure competitors and competitive bodybuilders.  He trains clients out of his garage gym.  Scott is married and has 4 young boys.








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