How To Set Up Your Own Personal Workout Space

Let’s be honest, none of us like to rush through our day.

Once that alarm clock sounds, it’s non stop GO, GO, GO!  At the end of the day, you plop down on the couch to enjoy some “me time” only to fall asleep before getting through one episode of your current favorite Netflix series.  If you wake up early to go to bootcamp or to the gym, that’s an extra 2-3 hours that you lose. I have a sneaky feeling that life would be much better if you could actually GAIN more time to do the things that you enjoy rather than LOSE time.


If you’re a fitness bootcamp member or a gym member, let me run a different scenario by you.

  • You wake up at 6:45 am instead of 4:45 am.
  • You spend 30 minutes having coffee, tea or whatever your preferred morning beverage is.
  • You feel good, you had a solid night of sleep and now you’re ready to start your day off right with exercise.
  • It’s 7:15 am, you put on your workout clothes, grab your water, grab a towel and put on your favorite workout mix.
  • At 7:25 am, you hop on your computer and click on the personal link that I (Scott) sent you.
  • A screen on your computer opens up, you see my garage gym, you see me, two or more friends join in and we can all see and hear each other as if we’re in the same room. It’s not Skype, Youtube or Facebook.  This is a private, safe place that is for Scott York Fitness members only.  It’s the future of fitness.
  • I say “Good Morning”, we exchange pleasantries and then I set the clock behind me on the wall for 5 minutes and we’re warming up.
  • After the warm up, it’s time to crank it up.  I set the clock for a 20 minute countdown and we are working out!
  • We’ll progressively move more, move faster doing my unique program called “Ab Aerobics”.  We’ll do high intensity training (hit) and we’ll do tabata’s (20-10).  I’ll throw in strength exercises doing straight sets, supersets and fun activities like “U Go / I Go”.  Before you know it, it’s been 2o minutes, you’re breathing hard in a good way and you’ve given it everything that you’ve got.
  • We give each other sweaty virtual fist bumps, pat ourselves on the back and we’re done.  We turn off our computers and it’s only 8 am.
  • Wow!  We just had one of the best workouts ever and saved 2 hours of time.


All of the above explains my new program SYFIT25 perfectly.  Of course instead of a 7:30 am start time, we could do 8 am, 6 am or 2 pm.  If you work in the corporate world and you’re on a committee, you can bring this service into the workplace.  If you’re a stay at home mom or dad, you can bring your laptop outside and workout outside in the early morning coolness.  I’ve been training private clients virtually for several weeks and have heard nothing but positive feedback.  It’s the future of fitness.

OK, so let’s talk about how much fun you’ll have setting up your own personal workout space.


At a minimum, I would say you’d need 8 ft x 8 ft.  You need to be able to stand while moving your arms in all directions freely.  You should be able to jump without hitting a ceiling fan or light fixture.  A solid floor on the lower level of your residence will work best.

Now that you have your minimum needs, it’s time to be creative and have fun.  I’ve been working out in my garage gym for years and here are some tips that may help.

  • Make it bright. Good lighting, an open window or garage door will make the space more inviting and help keep you motivated.
  • Color.  Paint a small section of the wall your favorite color or put up inspiring colorful pictures that put a smile on your face.  I have a Texas flag and motivational quotes and words on my garage gym wall.
  • A dry erase board.  Put a dry erase board on the wall front and center. Write down your goals, your achievements and your favorite workouts and exercises.  This is powerful and will help to keep you in a positive mindset when you have those days when you need a little extra push.
  • A stack of hand towels to wipe off sweat.
  • A set of speakers for your smart phone or some source of music. Your favorite playlist is also a must.  Music is powerful.
  •  A small desk for your laptop or desktop.  When your doing SYFIT25, you’ll want a dedicated space for your computer.
  • A small collection of home workout equipment and a storage space for it.  A jump rope, 5-10 lb dumbbells, resistance bands, a foam roller and maybe a medicine ball.  You don’t NEED any of this stuff but since fitness is a lifelong pursuit, over time you’ll want to try new exercises to keep you fresh and to stay motivated.
Maybe This Is More Your Style For A Home Gym


The time and expense that it takes to set up a small space for home workouts is minimal.  The long term payoff is huge.  More sleep, workout anytime you want, less driving, less gas, less wear and tear on your car and a no excuses plan to get it done right from home.

In 2014, Time Magazine stated the average American spends 204 hours a year commuting. Driving more than 10 miles each way is associated with high blood sugar and increased anxiety.

So there you go, working out at home is convenient, fun, helps you stay consistent and takes away most all excuses that anyone can come up. For more on my new SYFIT25 program, click here.






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