How Much Can A Young Athlete Improve With Elite Coaching?

Adam is 14 years old and wants to make the baseball team.

His physical challenge is the “triangle drill”.  This is an endurance drill in which the athlete runs from home base along the foul line to right field across to left field and then down the left foul line back to home base.  Adam’s time to beat is 65 seconds.  He must accomplish this in order to make the baseball team.  Unfortunately he doesn’t have the mental toughness or physical ability to do it.


Along comes Coach Mo of Coach Mo’s Elite Fitness in Austin, Texas.  Coach Mo is a strength and conditioning expert who says that 4 out of 5 kids lack in confidence when it comes to their athletic ability.

They haven’t learned how to ACHIEVE.

They don’t learn this confidence in school or P.E. – if they even have P.E. in their school.  In fact, it’s not uncommon for groups of kids to become picked on or bullied by other kids during recess or between classes which diminishes any self esteem that they may have.  Coach Mo put Adam in a situation where he could ACHIEVE.  He worked with Adam for 3 weeks doing strength and conditioning workouts including leg presses and hill sprints.  He built a more powerful, conditioned, self confident Adam who went on to smash the triangle drill with a time of 50 seconds!

Coach Mo has been working with kids ranging in ages from 7 – 17 for 6 years at Coach Mo’s Fitness in Austin.  Maurice “Coach Mo” Harris played football at Texas A&M and bounced around the NFL for a while. He walks the walk.  He’s an athlete.  He’s fit, strong and conditioned.  He practices what he preaches and changes lives.


I’ve known Coach Mo for years.  He’s a great friend of mine.  If you are in the Austin area, I highly encourage you to check out his full range of services from personal training, group training, after school programs and strength and conditioning for athletes.  Mo and I talked this morning on Skype and I decided to record it.  You can listen to this 15 minute audio and find out:

  • When and why you should hire a strength coach for your athlete (kids do not get nearly enough physical activity in school let alone strength, agility, coordination or mental toughness/improved self esteem.  Remember, according to Coach Mo, 4 out 5 kids lack in confidence when it comes to their abilities)
  • How much improvement can you expect by hiring an elite strength coach? (the results can be life changing for an eager, motivated kid)
  • Client highlight – Adam’s story

Click here to hear the audio!  It’s free!


P.S.  As a parent, athlete and strength coach, I realize the power of achievement.  Achievement is a building block.  I’m always looking for achievements.  Whether it be a personal record in the gym, winning Austin’s Fittest or watching my sons or clients achieve a new record.

Failing is inevitable.  I fail regularly in the gym.  But I overcome.  And that’s what I teach.  That is the power of athletics.  To be a great team member you have to learn to achieve on your own.  The team can achieve as a unit but to build the strongest team, achievement must be realized alone.  Running the triangle drill, climbing to the top of that 30 foot rope, sticking with your goals until completion.  The carryover effect is huge.  This mental toughness carries over into school work, careers, relationships and life.  If you have an enthusiastic, motivated athlete or know of one, I’d love to talk to them and determine if I can be of service.


Scott’s training is unique because he trains the whole athlete. He trains the physical side by using proven, current training techniques customized to the athlete and the athlete’s goals. He monitors the food intake and sleep patterns. He measures success by setting goals with the athlete, bench marking the journey then celebrating attained goals.

He trains the intellectual and emotional side of the athlete by referencing many books he has read as well as personal experiences that are positively motivating. He speaks passionately about the mental game of focus.  He coaches the athlete on how focus can be a game changer.

As a trainer,  Scott’s differentiator is that he trains along side the athlete. He doesn’t ask what he is not willing or able to give.

He has worked with my son for about 6 months now. I have witnessed how his training methods are effective both in the gym and in life. My son has become laser focused on goals in and out of sport. He has learned the fine art of taking time to celebrate victories as well as recalibration when necessary. I am truly thankful for Scott’s influence in my son’s life. He is learning skills that will help him be successful in life.

R.N./Cedar Park, TX




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