“How Many Meals A Day Should I Eat?”

As a Fitness Professional, I get this question a lot.

“How many meals a day should I eat?”

When asked, sometimes I ask the person “How many calories a day are you eating right now?”

They look puzzled.

Deep down, they know that this is important yet they aren’t counting their daily calories.

For example, when I’m trying to get leaner in the Spring/Summer then I aim for 2200 calories a day.

I log each meal using the free resource called “Lose It” (http://www.loseit.com)

Scott York Fitness - Lose It
Sample image of free Lose It resource


Since I eat 2200 calories then I know to divide those calories into 5 or 6 meals during the course of the day.


I just have to stick to it as do you.

Look, there’s tons of information out there on what to eat, how many meals a day, etc but it ALWAYS comes down to “how badly do you want it?”.

Excuses are always available if you look around.

Once you begin (or restart) your journey to get into shape it will take 2-3 weeks to create habits.  Once those habits are created then you’ll see amazing progress.

So let me ask YOU…how many calories a day are you eating?


Have a great day!




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