High School Football Players – Feed Your Fear And Fuel Your Fire – Leg Day On The Mighty Northshore

The weekends are always “gut check” workouts and, typically “leg day”. If you’re doing it with passion and grit, leg day should scare you a little.  But that’s only because you care.  If you don’t care then probably not much will matter.  And that will reflect on the football field. Or the baseball field.  Or in life.

I cycle through the evil workouts and this weekend was a doozy.

Here’s how to do it:

Take your body weight and add 175 lbs. If you weigh 190 lbs, you use the following weights on your set (and it’s only one set).
Barbell squat 365lbs x 6 reps (immediately drop the weight and do:
Barbell squat 315lbs x 6 reps (immediately drop the weight and do:
Barbell squat 275lbs x 6 reps (immediately drop the weight and do:
Barbell squat 225lbs x 12 reps (done).

Keegan body weight 210lbs
Ethan body weight 213lbs
Jack body weight 190lbs
Scott body weight 190lbs
Dillon body weight 190lbs (absent)
Grant body weight 145lbs (absent)
Layne body weight 164lbs (absent)

Question: What if I can’t do body weight plus 175lbs?
Answer: Get stronger.

The Legs Feed The Wolf

Ethan is not ready for 175lbs (yet) so he used:
245lbs x 6
205lbs x 6
185lbs x 6
135lbs x 12 reps (done).

I watch these guys’ body language as I’m announcing everyone’s weights. I can tell if anyone has given up before even trying by looking into their eyes. I also can tell who is almost salivating over the chance to try. That’s the essence (and the difference maker) of this program.

These ARE young guys and it’s a process. But 6 months into this, I only want to see fire breathing dragons who can’t wait to get under the bar.

And yes, I did it too.

The football field awaits.  As does the field of life.



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