Simplicity And Courage


It’s an interesting time to be part of “the new fitness movement.”


Every time I turn around there is a new workout program to try (P90X, Insanity, HIIT (high intensity interval training, etc).


There’s a new piece of equipment to try (TRX, perfect pushups, ab machine, etc).


There’s a new fitness celebrity DVD to buy (Jillian Michaels, etc).


And while all of this makes the fitness industry interesting and exciting, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused.


So stop.


Take a moment.


And ask yourself this question.


Do I really need to pay attention to all of these new DVDs, training programs, and new pieces of equipment?


The answer?


Probably not.


As I review my training over the years – since 1985 – I realize that the best physical gains (and mental gains) came when I used Simplicity and Courage.


“The high tech crowd will never admit it, but it takes COURAGE to train on basic exercises (barbells and dumbbells) and simple workouts.


Why does it take courage to train simple, basic and old-fashioned?


Because it forces a man or a woman to admit that there are no secret formulas, no magic answers and no pseudo scientific solutions and  that nothing matters other than the amount of effort one puts into ones training.


A lot of people are AFRAID to put forth that effort.


It’s far easier to to tell oneself that the reason I lack the body that I want is because there is some secret looming out there on the horizon.


And perhaps I’ll discover that secret in the next fitness DVD, new piece of equipment or new training program.” (paraphrased from “Strength, Muscle and Power” by Brooks Kubik)


Bottom line.


Keep your training program SIMPLE.


Use basic exercises like squats, deadlifts (yes, women too) and pull ups.

Erin R. getting intense


Add resistance to the bar.


Use heavier dumbbells.


Use courage.


Simplicity and courage are all you need.

Dawn S climbing the rope


We use simple basic exercises in a fun, friendly supportive environment.


We lift, we pull, we sprint, we run, we punch, we kick, we jump, we crawl and then we stretch.


It’s fast paced.


And it burns tons of calories.


Here’s to your best year ever!


Scott York



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