If you’ve found this page then you have already reserved your condo and you simply need to register for the Scott York Fitness Weekend.

Please click the secure “Buy Now” button below to register for the Scott York Fitness Weekend.  Once you’ve successfully registered,  you should be redirected back to this page.


Scott York Fitness Weekend
Cost $1320.50

Once you’ve successfully registered, please read below.


Awesome!  You’ve successfully registered for the Scott York Fitness Weekend!

Whether you just need to drop a few pounds, lift your energy, connect with your inner athlete or create a brand-new you, you’ve just taken a huge step towards realizing your goal.

What’s it going to take?  Will this be something I can do? Will this be something that I can stick with?

To maximize your success, it’s crucial for you to prepare for your weekend.  For now, I need you to do 2 things within the next couple of weeks.

1) Choose your meals.

To choose your meals, please visit the menu at My Fit Foods

If you are arriving late Friday to your condo then you will choose 5 meals – Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast and lunch, and Sunday breakfast and lunch.  Choose 10 meals if there are 2 people.  We will pick up your meals and place them in your condo refrigerator.  Your meals are already paid for.

If you are arriving before 7pm and want to meet with me for dinner, then choose 4 meals (8 meals if there are 2 people).

Once you have chosen your meals (choose between small or regular), please email the information to me at sctt.york@gmail.com  If we are meeting for dinner on the Friday of your arrival, please indicate that in your email.

2) Sign up for the app called “Lose It”

Please choose the “Premium” option which is $39.99/year.  At a little over $3.00 a month, it’s worth 100 times that.  The premium option will allow me to include you in:

Once you’ve done the 2 tasks above, please email at sctt.york@gmail.com with your Fit Food meal choices and to let me know that you’ve signed up for “Lose It” premium.

Thanks, Scott