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Workout highlights from the week of Jan 21 2018. Our group is growing. We have 14 putting in hard work in a consistent, efficient manner each week. Dads are joining sons to workout with them or at least doing the same workout as their son. Gives them some nice dinner table conversation where they can compare notes, challenge each other and continue to support each other.

Keegan shows us “9-6-3”. 9 power cleans using 80% of your 1 rep max, 9 front squats (same weight) and 9 ring dips. Rest and then repeat for 6 reps, rest and then repeat for 3 reps.

Jonathan and I squat heavy. Jonathan is a senior and gets on the next group who arrives a few minutes late. Christian makes the fatal mistake of saying “if” I make the team. “If”? “If”?

If you work hard and give me your best effort in the gym, with your nutrition and with your rest/sleep,you won’t have to worry. I’ll have you performing and a “when” I make the team level. We constantly preach staying positive, mindset. The seniors teach the freshman. It’s simply awesome for me to witness. I never had this opportunity growing up. But now I do. I’m so grateful for these young men and their parents for trusting me and for letting me be a part of their development.


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