Fatigue, Not Diet, Is The Real Challenge

In his 1935 book, “Weight Control”, Dr William Hay, M.D. writes “Most of us – with the exception of those who have learned how to eat correctly – eat too much.  Most of what we eat, we waste every day of our lives.  We need only a certain amount of food, but when we take on so many different foods that do not really feed, we are compelled to eat about three times as much as the body actually requires in order to get the energy we need.”

In my book “SuperFit SuperFast Nutrition“, I write about the fact that digestion requires energyA LOT OF ENERGY. Energy that can be used for other activities such as:

  • Exercise
  • Time with family
  • Work
  • Hobbies
  • Errands
  • Life

Just understanding and working with this simple rule will change the way you eat forever.  I guarantee it!  It has taken me nearly 30 years of trial and error to figure this out.  There are thousands of diets out there to wade through and luckily I found what I think is the best one before I had to go through those thousands of diets.  My friend Joe Vitale has recently lost 36 lbs, and has turbo charged his weight loss results by following the principles in my book.  Joe calls these principles a ‘breakthrough moment” which is totally changing the way that he lives his life.  He now heads for the gym when he travels instead of heading to the nearest restaurant.  He says he has more energy than ever before!


Joe goes on to say in the past, he would have avoided any sort of working out because he would rationalize that he was there on vacation or for work.  Now, eating right and exercising has become a top priority when he travels.

“Knowing what to do is one thing but having the ENERGY to do it is another! My body has been able to get the fuel it needs so I have more energy. These principles give me the energy to do what I already knew to do!” – Joe Vitale

I’ve been following and tweaking these nutrition principles for over 5 years now.  My belief is that carbs are not the enemy.  Although this is NOT a low carb diet, my body requires less carbs because I am arranging my meals in a manner that allows my energy needs to be met with less carbs than before.  I have more than enough energy each day to work on my business, spend time with my wife, be very involved with raising our 4 young boys, exercise regularly, and spend time on leisurely activities.

Fatigue is the enemy.

Because of the way most Americans eat today, their energy is steadily being sapped due to poorly constructed meals.  Just some minor tweaks without overly restricting calories, restricting carbs or relying on supplements can instantly change their lives.

“It is an honorable thing , a splendid thing, to relieve the sufferings and illnesses of one’s fellows, but it is a far better thing to prevent these same sufferings, though it can be done in no other way than by the individual himself.” – Dr. William Hay, M.D.

When you mix too many types of foods together, your digestion becomes impaired followed by bloating, gas, and fermenting of those foods.  The nutriments do not get absorbed because they are toxic and the body rejects them.  How do you derive energy from toxins?  You don’t.  We have become an overfed and undernourished society.

On the other hand, when you construct your meals properly, you get instant energy due to the nutriments being absorbed and utilized by the body.  You don’t need as much food because the bodies energy needs are met.  The excess body weight begins to slip away.

I’ve been easily able to get into my best shape since my 30’s using these principles. I wasn’t married, didn’t have 4 kids and had a whole lot more free time in my 30’s!  If I didn’t want to talk to anyone, I could turn off my phone, ignore the doorbell and sleep all day.


Ha, ha.

SuperFit SuperFast Nutrition
Scott York age 49 

To find out more and to get a free sample of my book, visit Amazon.

– Scott

Scott York is a strength and conditioning coach in the Austin, Texas area.

I got the book (SuperFit, SuperFast Nutrition) on Kindle several months ago, I have tried many, MANY diet / eating / exercise plans without any success save 2. One was expensive, I had to buy food and have it shipped to me, what came was never what I ordered and it had a very unpleasant side effect. Needless to say, I quit that one. This is the other one, I am a tall (6’4″) and big boned, when I started last November, I weighed 269 lbs. With only walking for exercise, following Scott’s instructions (and not exactly to the letter, either) I lost 35 lbs in about 5 months. That is a better result than I had ever experienced with any other program, period. This takes some work and some discipline, but I wasn’t hungry, I didn’t hate the food, I could buy the food at the grocery store, etc. Again, it’s a better plan than any other I have tried, period.

5 stars

Amazon Customer


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