Extreme Conditioning Drill (High School Athletes)

20 seconds of non stop heavy breathing at the end of this short video.

I shot a video of 2 of my high school athletes doing the new drill I call “#7”. This drill starts with Broad Jump Burpees x 20 yards. The tendency is to take an extra step or 2 at the end of the broad jump as you’ll see in the video. Technically, that’s cheating. But we, yes we (I workout with them) had already done a full strength and conditioning workout prior to this drill. That workout is written out below if you’re interested in seeing it.

The second exercise in this 4 exercise drill was sprints. This is why I like to workout with them. They look like they’re not going full speed to me in the video. If I’m working out with them, they have no choice but to go full speed. After all, they don’t want an old man like me to beat them 🙂 But since I was filming this, I had to watch.


The third exercise was Farmers Walks with uneven kettlebells. One hand holds a 53lb, the other hand holds a 35lb kettlebell. They walk 100 yards. This is awkward but awesome. It’s mental. And that’s what I’m trying to instill in these young men – mental toughness. It’ll help them on the football field, in the classroom and in life.

The fourth and last exercise is Sumo Broad Jumps for 20 yards. You can see that they weren’t really doing this sumo style with legs wide. Oh, well. I don’t think that they cared anymore.

The athlete that won this extreme conditioning drills time was 2:05, the others was 2:06.

Here is the video:


  • Once they complete exercise 2 (the sprints), whoever wins could grab the lighter kettlebells as a “reward” for having won the sprint part of the drill. They other bootcamper has to grab the heavier kettlebells.
  • Have them use just one kettlebell. One hand would hold a kettlebell, the other hand would be empty.
  • Add in more drills, make it shorter (10 yd burpee broad jump, 40 yd sprint, 40 yd farmers walk, and 10 yd sumo broad jump) or make it longer.
  • In a bigger group of participants, I could have a circuit training style workout going on and then peel away 2 people at a time to do this drill.


Today’s full workout was:

  • Warm Up/Stretch
  • Sledgehammer warm up/workout x 1 round
  • Barbell Deadlifts working up to top sets of 235lbs for 18 reps (them) and 330lbs for 18 reps (me). We were only supposed to get 8-10 reps on the last set but our competitive nature took over 🙂
  • Pull Ups Athlete #1 does 10 reps, Athlete #2 does 10 reps, I do 10 reps, 9/9/9, 8/8/8, 7/7/7 all the way down to 1/1/1 and then HANG for as long as possible after that 1 rep. I’ve got my work cut out for me here. Neither of them can do more than 2-3 correct reps. I had them spot each other in order to get full range of motion.
  • Extreme Bootcamp Conditioning Drill #7
  • Neck Work With A Head Strap and 35lbs for 3 sets of 8-10
  • Cool Down/Stretch

– Stay strong!



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