The Sledgehammer Workout

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  • Quick Start Guide
  • Reference Guides For Each Of The 6 Workouts
  • The Sledgehammer Workout eBook (History of Sledgehammer Training, Where To Buy A Sledgehammer, What Size To Use, And Much More!)
  • 6 Ready To Use Sledgehammer Workouts With Follow Along Videos
  • Exercise Descriptions and Photos
  • 6 Additional Ready To Use Sledgehammer Workouts For A Total Of 12 Sledgehammer Workouts


Summary of Workout #1
Summary of Workout #1




6 Ways Sledgehammer Training Will Help You Build Muscle, Lose Fat And Get Into
Your All Time Best Shape!

1) The Sledgehammer is asymmetrical which lends itself to a unique blend of balance (and imbalance) when used in exercise.

2) There’s a big gravitational pull on the heavy side of the sledgehammer which is a totally different feel unlike anything else.

3) Due to this gravitational pull, your core and the muscles on the other side of the body MUST compensate by working harder and unknowingly.

4) 10-11+ calories a minute *. That’s how many calories you can expect to burn as you build up to max intensity. This amount is on par (or more) than cross country skiing, mountain biking, rowing, swimming and elliptical training.

5) Less abdominal work! Forget about doing hundreds of boring sit ups and crunches. If done intensely enough sledgehammer training cuts down on the
need for long abdominal workouts as the core muscles will be completely shot.  During my research, I came across a quote from an author who said that
French coal miners had the best abs due to their consistent use of the sledgehammer.

6) Strength training. The sledgehammer is a strength training tool. You will work every muscle in your body and you will burn calories long after the workout is
over due to EPOC (excess post-oxygen consumption). This is a secret weapon that bodybuilders use to burn more calories all day long. Bigger muscles burn
more calories. Even while you’re sitting.

Price comparison to other workout programs.

Test it out for 30 days with a 30 day money back guarantee.  I simply ask that you give it an honest try!


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photo by Brian Fitzsimmons, Austin Fit Magazine