Defeat Is The Mother Of Success

The following is the story of one man’s life.

He failed in business at age 21.  He was defeated in a legislative race at the age of 22 and failed again at business at 24.  He was devastated by the death of a sweetheart when he was 26, and subsequently had a nervous breakdown when he was 27.  At 34, he lost a congressional race, and lost it again at 2 years later.  He lost a senatorial race at the age of 45.  After another 2 years, he failed in an effort to become vice president.

He then went on to lose another senatorial race at the age of 49.  Finally, at the age of 52, he became the sixteenth president of the United States.  The man was Abraham Lincoln.

When his fellow men rejected him at the polls, Lincoln could have been devastated, but every disappointment brought forth the courage to march on toward his ordained destiny.  He often tried to joke about his political defeats.  He would say, “Well, I feel just like the boy who stubbed his toe – too damned badly hurt to laugh and too damned proud to cry.”

Endure by enduring.

Our civilization, our culture, our independence, depend not upon multiplying our wants: self-indulgence, but upon restricting our wants: self-denial. – Mahatma Gandhi


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