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LIVE 25 minute workouts

Like convenience?

What if I told you that you could have all  of the benefits of a healthy strong body without the hassle of waking up extra early, driving 15-30 minutes one way to the gym, and paying for a gym membership that you might hardly even use?

LIVE training allows me to train you in real time while you’re at your house and I’m at mine.  I’ve been training clients this way for 2 years and it has become a game changer.  All you need is a computer – desktop or laptop with a camera and a wifi connection.

You’ll see me, hear me and I’ll be right there with you LIVE.  Your very own professional trainer who encourages you, pushes you to greater heights and who is dependable and focused on your progress.

Depending upon your own personal goals, we may use:

  • body weight exercises – jumping jacks, planks, squats, squat jumps, burpees, push ups, beginner push ups, wall sits, stretching, agility drills, balance drills, abs, core, and much more
  • dumbbells – whether it’s 5 lb or 90 lb dumbbells, we can do it.  I do a set, then you do a set, we may do chest and biceps, back and shoulders, legs and triceps.  I’ll focus on your form and teach you some new techniques that you can use forever.
  • barbells – got a home gym set up?  Let’s workout!  I’ll teach you strength training, bodybuilding or powerlifting.  We’ll set goals and then I’ll train you to reach those goals whether it be your first pull up, a new bench press max or a new clean PR!
  • resistance bands, medicine balls, kettlebells and more!

You don’t NEED any equipment.  All you need is a “can do” attitude and a real hunger to learn and get into your best shape.


Twelve 25 minute LIVE One On One Training Sessions.  12 x $25 = $300.

Once you’ve paid, I’ll contact you to set up days and times, discuss goals, have you fill out a health questionnaire and a consent form.  Contact me if you have any questions.



"I LOVE our LIVE training together!" - Holly / Austin

LIVE 1 on 1 training right from your home!