BUT YOU’RE NOT DONE YET! Smash Monday #2 Core Hammer Workout

The center of all power and strength in the human body originates in your core.


Focusing strength-training on the core is of great importance. The core consists of the following muscle groups: abdominals, obliques, erectors of lower back, glutes, upper quadriceps, upper hamstrings, hip flexors and groin area. The more “quality” training performed, focusing on this area, the more potential the client or athlete has to transfer the training to their everyday life or to their competitive sport of choice.

Workout is:

15 seconds row the boat (right)
15 seconds row the boat (left)
7 second rest
15 seconds seated  overhead strikes (right)
15 seconds seated overhead strikes (left)
Repeat for 1-3 rounds based upon your current conditioning level.

*Always warm up for 5-10 minutes before starting.

** Wait a few days after doing this mini workout to see how your body responds.  If you do not have any soreness, you can repeat it up to 2-3 times a week.

DO NOT underestimate the effect of this combo on your core.  It’s better to do too little at first until you build up strength, balance, conditioning.  Key points to remember during these 2 core hammer exercises:

  • The further the resistance is moved, during the exercise, the more athletic and beneficial the exercise is.
  •  The faster the resistance is moved (with proper form), the more athletic and beneficial the lift is.
We can learn a lot from champion athletes because they do one thing that lesser athletes fail to do. They make the skills of their sport look easy. Their movements look effortless. We can also learn a lot from the best strength coaches.
The best strength coaches encourage their clients to attack the weights! Attacking the weights means using correct technique and lots of hard work. The athlete should focus on getting better in all areas of each workout. Everyday, better and better! The strength coach should expect and demand mental toughness, discipline, focus and intensity. The athlete should give 100% effort and perform exactly as the strength coach advises.
Attack this core hammer workout with maximal focus and intensity.  Concentrate and keeping your body stationary.  Stay safe, but train aggressively.


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Austin’s Fittest Man Over 50 (2015)


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