Bootcamp Fitness

I started a fitness bootcamp in 2005.  I named it Full Force Fitness. I placed an ad on Craigslist and got a few clients. The very first class was held at Elizabeth Milburn Park in Cedar Park, Texas.  It was early in the morning and DARK.  The weather was warm but we had to fight off mosquitos and ants.  I brought a flashlight, bug spray and encouraged my clients to bring water and a large towel for ground exercises.  There were some mornings when no one showed up.  Those were the tough times but I was determined to stick with it and make it work.

Bootcamp Fitness Games!

I learned pretty quickly that people got bored with push ups, squats,  and sit ups.  I started going from a military style of bootcamp to a fun but still tough bootcamp.  I thought about playground games and how I could tweak them so that I could use them in a bootcamp setting.

Big Success!

Word started to spread  about this crazy fun but tough bootcamp in Cedar Park.  I sent out press releases, contacted The Austin American Statesman, Fox news and others.  Pam LeBlanc from the Statesman came out and did a story on my bootcamp.  I got asked to appear on Fox news for a morning segment. I started to get more and more clients.  I opened a second location at Zilker Park in Austin.  I started thinking about leveraging my time as opposed to running all over town coaching bootcamp classes.  I loved it but I also loved spending time with my wife and kids.  I wrote an ebook called “Fitness Games!” and sold it for $47.00.  I figured other coaches and bootcamp instructors would love having proven bootcamp games and workouts in a digital file that they could use with their own bootcamps.

They Loved It!

Coaches and bootcamp instructors loved it!  At $47, it may seem like a lot of money but it’s actually a time saver and an investment in your business.  They didn’t have to search the internet for hours for fitness games and workouts.  The games and workouts are fun so word spread and they got more clients.  I ended up creating more ebooks as you can see below and they all sold really well.   As my skills got better, I began to add video to the ebooks.  This added even more value and sales continued to soar.

I still use these games and workouts myself and with my clients.  I’m currently updating these books and will be adding them to Amazon so that you can purchase them.  Stay tuned!