At some point in my young life, I became fascinated with superheroes, strength and big muscles.  Maybe it’s because I was picked on.  I was usually one of the smallest kids in my class.  I remember watching the wrestler, Ivan Putski on Saturday mornings.  I was in awe at the size of his arms.

In 8th or 9th grade, I had a friend who stood out.  Carl dabbled in bodybuilding at the local YMCA.  I was impressed at the changes that he was able to achieve in his physique.  He carried himself with confidence. Around 17, I began lifting weights with Ronnie York, the son of my boss, Joe York (no relation).  I worked at Joe York furniture store in Corsicana.  Joe’s son, Ronnie and I would do presses and pull ups after work in a dark and dingy warehouse in downtown Corsicana.

Scott York Ripped Back
Scott York, Bodybuilding

When I was 21, I joined Gold’s Gym in Waco, Texas.  That was the beginning of my bodybuilding journey.  Three years later, I competed in the Heart Of Texas bodybuilding contest and placed 2nd.  I went on to compete in bodybuilding for 13 more years.  I met a lot of great people from all walks of life and think of them as lifelong family and friends.

Lee Priest

In 2006, I began working with one of my favorite bodybuilders in the world – Lee Priest.  I created a dvd of the month membership program called BodyBuilders Reality.  The dvd featured superstar Lee Priest traveling around the world competing in bodybuilding, conducting seminars, making appearances, training, dieting, racing his dragster, and showing the reality of a top pro bodybuilders life.  Arnold Schwarzenegger was such a big fan of Lee’s, that he asked Lee to appear in his book, The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding by Arnold Schwarzenegger



I traveled to Brazil, Alaska, and around the United States with Lee during this time and I got to know him very well.  He’s a fun loving guy, very smart, loves his fans and they love him. Lee moved from the United States around 2008 to go home to Australia.  Now in his 40’s, Lee doesn’t compete anymore but is still very much involved in bodybuilding – traveling for seminars, appearances for his sponsors and works with clients who are interested in bodybuilding.

Bodybuilders Reality DVDs

Bodybuilders Reality DVD’s available here

BodyBuildersReality Episode Descriptions

Lee trains shoulders and calves with Bruce, lunch at KFC, Q and A with Lee, Lee’s house.
Austin, Texas
(approx 60 minutes)

Lee trains triceps, Adela’s birthday party (Adela was Lee’s fiancee during this time), Lee trains biceps, Lee’s 700 horsepower Mustang GT.
Austin, Texas
(approx 35 minutes)

Lee trains legs at Golds Gym, racing the dragster in California, Lee eats at the famous bodybuilding restaurant “The Firehouse”, what’s in Lee’s wallet?
Austin and California
(approx 60 minutes)

The Arnold Expo, Adela’s fitness contest, Lee’s bodybuilding contest pre-judging and night show including Lee’s Superman routine, travel home to Australia with Lee, posing, training, meet Lee’s family and friends, National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) races in Houston.
Ohio, Australia, Houston, Austin
(approx 60 minutes)

Australian Grand Prix, Lee in the pump up room, competing on stage, Adela Garcia guest pose routine, out to eat with family and friends, Lee’s house in Australia, touring a local gym in Australia, a seminar appearance with Lee, desert with Lee, breakfast with Lee, Lee gets a massage, sightseeing, the zoo, hotel room.
(approximately 75 minutes)


Lee eating at IHOP (International House Of Pancakes), Superfan, Frank Sanders from New York, spends time with Lee. Lee puts Frank through a leg workout, Lee changes his hair color, Ronnie Coleman Classic, What’s in Lee’s pantry?
Austin, Dallas/Ft. Worth
(approximately 75 minutes)

note- DVD 6 was the first dvd that I (Scott) edited. There are some technical issues but not too bad.


Lee and Richard Stone train biceps, talks religion, Joe Vitale from “The Secret”, Lee and friends go to an amusement park called “Fiesta, Texas”, Lee makes an appearance at City Blends smoothies grand opening, dinner at P.F. Chang’s.
Austin, San Antonio
(approximately 60 minutes)


(double dvd)
Lee trains chest with a teenager. Lee trains biceps and triceps at Gold’s Gym. Lots of training, laughs and insights into the world of bodybuilding according to Lee.
(approximately 120 minutes)


(double dvd)
Lee trains back, Shoulders, Mustang GT updated, Doughnuts and Zingers
(approximately 90 minutes)

BBR 10

Emergency trip to the hospital for an infection, Lee trains arms, PDI bodybuilding contest, emergency root canal, Mr Olympia 2006

Austin, England, Las Vegas

(approximately 90 minutes)

BBR 11

PDI Bodybuilding contest in England, Seminar in England, Mr Olympia weekend in Las Vegas, a day at the races, photo shoot, drag strip

England, Las Vegas, Houston

(approximately 90 minutes)

BBR 12

Legs at Gold’s Gym, Australia, fishing with Lee’s daughter, tour of Australian jail with family

Austin, Australia

(approximately 90 minutes)

BBR 13

Season 2 premier! Lee gets a colonic, Lee trains arms with Kurt at World Gym


(approximately 90 minutes)

BBR 14

Lee gets a tattoo at Atomic Tattoo in Austin, Lee and Bruce train chest at Gym One, Lee walks around his apartment building during an ice storm

(approximately 90 minutes)

BBR 15

The Arnold Classic Day 1, The Arnold Classic Day 2, hotel workout, trip to Houston, Texas to get Brazil passports

Columbus, Ohio, Austin, Houston

(approximately 90 minutes)

BBR 16

Lee travels to Alaska and attends the Alaskan Bodybuilding Championships, Lee travels to Vitoria, Brazil

Alaska, Brazil

(approximately 75 minutes)

BBR 17

Brazil part 2, Lee trains legs, lunch in Brazil, seminar in Brazil, Lee trains chest back in Austin

Brazil, Austin

(approximately 90 minutes)

BBR 18

Lee comes over to Scott’s house. We watch videos of his early bodybuilding – teen years, early 20’s


(approximately 80 minutes)

BBR 19

Lee watches and tells us about photo shoots that he did when he was in his 20’s. Lots of never before seen classic video of Lee


(approximately 75 minutes)

BBR 20

Lee visits Arizona and trains back and calves with Tom Platz, Lee trains legs at World Gym in Austin

Arizona, Austin

(approximately 75 minutes)

BBR 21

Lee trains back at World Gym in Austin, photo shoots and covers, pets and racing photos


(approximately 75 minutes)

BBR 22

Lee trains shoulders with Rusty Jeffers in Arizona, lunch with Lee and Rusty


(approximately 75 minutes)

BBR 23

Lee trains legs with Rusty Jeffers, friends show off the “TREX” motorycyle, Lee’s Arizona apartment, the secret to getting big


(approximately 75 minutes)

BBR 24

Lee trains arms, back and legs with Rusty Jeffers, Lee’s favorite websites (warning)


(approximately 75 minutes)

Lee Priest Book

Lee Priest is one of the world’s most popular pro bodybuilders. Here is my inside account of the 2 1/2 years that I worked with Lee while creating BodyBuildersReality!



My bodybuilding journey is ongoing.  I’ve competed at the local level, state level and regional level.  I have been fortunate to witness first hand the upper echelon of the sport that has taught me so much.  Bodybuilding is a lifestyle that is filled with lessons about overcoming, dedication, passion, growth, power, solitude, and mental toughness.  Getting into bodybuilding is one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made.  If you would like to start a bodybuilding program and hire me as your coach, please contact me to discuss the possibility!