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How Strong Is Strong For High School Football Players?

“To get a lot stronger…” “He’s most interested in getting big – so (he’s interested in) strength” “Getting bigger, stronger and faster.” “Speed, strength.” “To increase strength…” “Strength and weight gain.” These are just a handful of the answers that I get on my Athlete Questionnaire’s.  They’re smart kids.  Football is a fun game but…

11 Questions to Expect From a College Coach

“So what kinds of questions were you asked before you were awarded a full ride athletic scholarship to the University of Reno – Nevada’s Swimming and Diving Team?”  I asked my wife. I listened to her answers and made some mental notes.  Each month, I pick 2-3 topics that I cover in depth with my…

Motivation Secrets With Joe Vitale – Part 3 – Scott York Fitness

Motivation Secrets With Joe Vitale l Part 3 l Scott York Fitness Here are just a few points that we touch upon: Get clear on what you want One woman’s amazing success story How to light your fire How I met Joe – I took action in 1 day Power lunches – find a…

Motivation Secrets With Joe Vitale – Part 2 – Scott York Fitness

Bill Phillips only could create his empire BECAUSE he worked out and took care of himself… How to feel good – do it for today… Wealth and fitness – is their a connection? Questions?  Comments?  Would love to hear them!  Post them below. Part 3 will be up soon. -Scott

Motivation Secrets With Joe Vitale and Scott York – Part 1

Motivation: the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way. A couple of weeks ago, my friend and I were talking.  I was warming up for Austin’s Fittest competition (I placed 2nd) when the topic of conversation turned to “motivation”.  We were surrounded by hundreds of motivated people either competing in…

A Day In The Life – Austin’s Fittest Contest 2017, Birthday and Baseball

A recent Summer weekend filled with a variety of activities such as competing in my 3rd year of Austin’s Fittest event (2nd place in my age group), six little league baseball games, and a 80th Birthday celebration.  Family, friends and fitness. Austin’s Fittest started at 9:15am at Camp Mabry (my Great Grandfather was Adjutant General…



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