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How To Start A Beginning Strength Training Program Right Now!

The most common challenge that beginners face when starting a general strength training program is where to start.   Should they begin with: Barbells? Dumbbells? Machines? Suspension Trainers? Or something else? They know they have to do something to get healthy and fit but they’re not sure how. They know that strength training is one…


How Much Does It Cost To Correctly Feed A High School Football Player?

“Hi, Scott.  My son needs to gain weight for high school football but I’m wondering how much it will cost to feed him all of that extra food and not to mention supplements.  It seems like he already eats A LOT!” This took me back to my teenage days when my parents put a lock…


Strength And Conditioning In Athletics

I saw a news story recently about a high school football player in Louisiana who was breaking all kinds of school records in football.  He’s a 5’6″ 198lb running back named Joshua Bickham who is, wouldn’t you know it, also a power lifter. He: Bench presses 420lbs Squats 660lbs Deadlifts 725lbs These are all State…


Weight Gain For Teenage Athletes – You Gotta Want It!

Scott York Fitness l Weight Gain For Teenage Athletes l You Gotta Want It! FULL ARTICLE at Scott’s New Book! “Mom’s Guide To Weight Gain For High School Football Players: 5…


5 Off Season Training Tips For High School Football Players

If you’re reading this, I assume you are a high school football player, the parent of a high school football player or the Coach of high school football players.  There’s nothing like…


Cedar Park vs Manvel Playoff High School Football Game – The Vision

Within 3 years of training,  Keegan went from 160 to 203lbs. You can see his strength, power and athleticism in this video. As I always say…strength is never a weakness. Cedar Park…


Off-Season Football Strength Training Schedule 2017-2018. Here’s What You’ll Get!

Now that Off-Season football strength training is here for a lot of high school football players, parents and athletes are wondering what their training schedule should consist of.   I can help…


Quick Meal Idea For Teenage Athlete Meal Plan – PB&J Oats

My 15 year old is a picky eater. One week he likes a certain food, the next week he hates it. We stock up on the food he likes and it goes…


Taking The Guesswork Out Of Weight Gain For High School Football Players

I was running this morning, huffing and puffing. Dodging the deer – we have them all over the place out here in Lago Vista.  Feeling good trying to break my wife’s 1…


Pre-Game Meal Suggestions For High School Football Players

Question: Hello- my son was supposed to ask you last night if you had any pre-game meal suggestions either before the game or the night before. I’m so glad school has started.…


15 Years Old And Wants To Gain Weight For High School Football

Question:  My son is 15, plays high school football and only weighs 155lbs.  He wants to put on weight to get bigger, faster, stronger.  Can you help? Answer:  Short answer is yes,…


How Strong Is Strong For High School Football Players?

“To get a lot stronger…” “He’s most interested in getting big – so (he’s interested in) strength” “Getting bigger, stronger and faster.” “Speed, strength.” “To increase strength…” “Strength and weight gain.” These…


11 Questions to Expect From a College Coach

“So what kinds of questions were you asked before you were awarded a full ride athletic scholarship to the University of Reno – Nevada’s Swimming and Diving Team?”  I asked my wife.…


Motivation Secrets With Joe Vitale – Part 3 – Scott York Fitness

Motivation Secrets With Joe Vitale l Part 3 l Scott York Fitness Here are just a few points that we touch upon: Get clear on what you want One woman’s amazing…


Motivation Secrets With Joe Vitale – Part 2 – Scott York Fitness

Bill Phillips only could create his empire BECAUSE he worked out and took care of himself… How to feel good – do it for today… Wealth and fitness – is their a…


Motivation Secrets With Joe Vitale and Scott York – Part 1

Motivation: the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way. A couple of weeks ago, my friend and I were talking.  I was warming up for Austin’s Fittest…


A Day In The Life – Austin’s Fittest Contest 2017, Birthday and Baseball

A recent Summer weekend filled with a variety of activities such as competing in my 3rd year of Austin’s Fittest event (2nd place in my age group), six little league baseball games,…


Football Conditioning And What Not To Do

One of my favorite documentaries, is called “STRONG”. The gym owner, Joe DeFranco, takes the viewer into his gym which is located in New Jersey. We get to see high school, college…


How To Set Up Your Own Personal Workout Space

Let’s be honest, none of us like to rush through our day. Once that alarm clock sounds, it’s non stop GO, GO, GO!  At the end of the day, you plop down…


Wacky Diets and The Supplement Industry

It shouldn’t be a secret that the supplement business is more about profit than real health. I currently use one supplement – multivitamins.  Since I’m out of vitamins right now, I guess…



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