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Taking The Guesswork Out Of Weight Gain For High School Football Players

I was running this morning, huffing and puffing. Dodging the deer – we have them all over the place out here in Lago Vista.  Feeling good trying to break my wife’s 1 mile time. We compete with each other like that.  As soon as she comes in the door from her run, I’m asking “What…

Pre-Game Meal Suggestions For High School Football Players

Question: Hello- my son was supposed to ask you last night if you had any pre-game meal suggestions either before the game or the night before. I’m so glad school has started. It is much easier to get the right food in him when he is on his school schedule. Thanks! T..J./Austin Answer: Hi, for…

15 Years Old And Wants To Gain Weight For High School Football

Question:  My son is 15, plays high school football and only weighs 155lbs.  He wants to put on weight to get bigger, faster, stronger.  Can you help? Answer:  Short answer is yes, I can.  See my “weight gain” program at this link Longer answer involves me asking a number of questions, gauging determination, telling you…

How Strong Is Strong For High School Football Players?

“To get a lot stronger…” “He’s most interested in getting big – so (he’s interested in) strength” “Getting bigger, stronger and faster.” “Speed, strength.” “To increase strength…” “Strength and weight gain.” These are just a handful of the answers that I get on my Athlete Questionnaire’s.  They’re smart kids.  Football is a fun game but…

11 Questions to Expect From a College Coach

“So what kinds of questions were you asked before you were awarded a full ride athletic scholarship to the University of Reno – Nevada’s Swimming and Diving Team?”  I asked my wife. I listened to her answers and made some mental notes.  Each month, I pick 2-3 topics that I cover in depth with my…

Motivation Secrets With Joe Vitale – Part 3 – Scott York Fitness

Motivation Secrets With Joe Vitale l Part 3 l Scott York Fitness Here are just a few points that we touch upon: Get clear on what you want One woman’s amazing success story How to light your fire How I met Joe – I took action in 1 day Power lunches – find a…



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