Ask Yourself “Why”

Now that Summer is right around the corner, it’s time to evaluate your
fitness goals.  Grab a cup of coffee, a pen and a piece of paper and pull
up a chair.

Most people whom I speak with about getting in shape and improving their
health have the best of intentions.

But they don’t write down goals and they don’t know “why” they really want
to improve their health and fitness levels.  This is planned failure.

Let’s don’t fail, let’s succeed this time.

Right now, write down your top 3 goals for getting into shape this Summer.
Don’t think long about it – just write down whatever pops into  your head.
You may be surprised at what you want.  It may be easier than you think
to accomplish if you can answer the question of “why”.

Speaking of accomplishments, what physical accomplishments are you most
proud of?  What makes you happy, satisfied?

Without dwelling on any failures, mistakes, ill feelings, quickly list
the important accomplishments in your life.  Think about awards won,
promotions given, raises, bonuses, places you’ve traveled, relationships
you’ve had.

Put a star next to the most important accomplishments of your life.  Is
there any correlation with the 3 goals that you’ve set for yourself?  What
kind of shape were you in when you accmplished the successes that you listed?
Is there a correlation between being in great shape/good health and
those accomplishments?

I usually find that this is the case when I talk with people about
their goals and their past successes.

Not always but most of the time.

If you can draw a parallel to being in great shape and/or having great
health and accomplishing goals in your life then you can begin to establish
the connection of the “why” you want this.

Knowing your top health and fitness goals and knowing “why” is the most
important piece of the puzzle.


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