Another Weekend, Another Competition! “True Athlete Games”!

“I move, therefore I am.”

Haruki Murakami


After winning Austin’s Fittest Man Over 50, I decided to compete 2 weeks later in the True Athlete Games.


True Athlete Games is a COMMUNITY event that stands apart by reintroducing conventional fitness testing methods, STANDARDIZING each event, implementing a QUARTERLY SCHEDULE, and BODYWEIGHT adjusted scoring  so that you have will have a better competition experience and a better opportunity to IMPROVE your fitness.  This event is open to the community, and friendly to all fitness levels.

This competition included more strength ability although there was still plenty of cardio.  Here are the tests:

  1. Power Test: Standing Broad Jump
  2. Stamina Test: Banded Bear Crawl
  3. Power Test: Reverse Sandbell Throw
  4. Acceleration Test: 10yd Sprint
  5. Agility Test: Pro Agility Shuttle
  6. Strength Test: 1 rep max Deadlift (BW Adjusted)
  7. Strength Test: 1 rep max Bench Press (BW Adjusted)
  8. Strength Test: Pull-ups (w or w/o band assistance) (BW Adjusted)
  9. Strength Test: Farmers Hold for max time (BW Adjusted)
  10. Endurance Test: 2000m Row for time (BW Adjusted)
  11. Stamina Test: Sled Push/Pull Medley (BW Adjusted)

At age 51, I would be competing against 20, 30 and 40 year old’s.  Whereas Austin’s Fittest was grouped by age, this competition was wide open.  Just my kind of fun 🙂

There were 2 heats, heat 1 at 9:30am and heat 2 at 12:30pm.  I was in heat 1.  I noticed from the heat lists that there were quite a few competitors from Austin’s Fittest in this competition.  This would be a different type of test for them as well with the inclusion of more strength based tests.


The competition was held inside of Austin Simply Fit in Cedar Park.  Air conditioned, lots of equipment, lots of windows and clean.  I had planned my strategy several days before in terms of which tests I would knock out first.  I warmed up in anticipation of my first test – the bench press.  The music was loud and the energy was high.  After a brief competitors meeting we began.  We had 90 minutes to complete the tests above.

A group of 5-7 competitors quickly gathered at the bench press.  I could either go off of my plan and do another test or stick to my plan and do the bench press first which I had warmed up for already.  I decided to stick to my plan.  I waited for about 7 minutes.  I would find out just how valuable time becomes during this competition when factoring in warming up, waiting, resting, visits to the bathroom, drinking water and moving around the facility.

I moved through a lot of the tests quickly with no more than a few minutes wait.  As the announcment came that their were only 15 minutes left, I realized that I probably wasn’t going to finish in time.  There were lines, weights had to be adjusted for competitors, weights couldn’t be found quickly – tick, tock.  I let the folks in charge know, but there just wasn’t much that could be done this time.

Time’s up.

I wasn’t able to complete 2 tests that I felt I would be strong in – farmers hold and banded bear crawl.

I tied for 1st in my heat even without the opportunity to complete all of the tests.  I tied for 10th overall, placed 2nd overall in the bench press and 4th overall in the deadlift.  I did 39 banded pullups and rowed 2000 meters in 8:29 (this was a killer – like running a mile as fast as you can).

All in all

All in all, it was a fun day yet a little disappointing as I kept wondering “what if”?  The good news is that there is another True Athlete Games in September 2015 and as I take a rest both physically and mentally from two back to back competitions (True Athlete Games and Austin’s Fittest), I’ll decide my future competitive plans.  In the meantime, I’ll be training clients both on and offline and enjoying the Summer.

Below is a highlight video from True Athlete Games.


Austin’s Fittest Man Over 50 (2015)





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