I”m passionate about fitness and have been training and competing since 1985.  I suffered a panic attack in 1985.  I was sitting in a large class at Baylor University.  Surrounded by a hundred or so students, I suddenly felt dizzy, out of sorts and panicked.  The feelings soon subsided but I knew that my poor eating habits and lack of physical activity were the root cause.  I joined a Gold’s Gym a few days later and began working out.

It wasn’t long before others began to ask me for advice about training and how to live a healthier lifestyle.

I believe that health has to be first in order to live a balanced, complete life.

I’ve trained countless men and women from all walks of life both online as well as in person.


I’ve been certified by NASM, ISSA and others.  I’m a former competitive bodybuilder in both the AAU and NPC.

In 2009, I was asked by Austin Fit Magazines CEO, Lou Earle to be a part of Austin’s Fittest City campaign which was conceived by former Austin Mayor, Will Wynn.

Mayor Will Wynn and Scott York
Former Austin Mayor Will Wynn and Scott York

I’ve worked with some of the fitness worlds most prolific athletes/competitors such as Lee Priest, Monica Brant, Adela Garcia and others.

Scott York Ripped Back

I am married to Kristin, herself an accomplished athlete.  Kristin was a full scholarship athlete at the Division 1 school, University of Reno-Nevada.  She was the dive team captain, has a background in gymnastics (both coaching and participating) and was a scholar athlete.  She (Kristin Dalton) is listed on the all time swimming and diving letter winners at the University of Reno-Nevada (click here).  We have 4 boys.

I’m a 4th generation Texan and live in the Lago Vista/Jonestown area.


Austin’s Fittest Man Over 50 (2015)