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50 Reps Of Each Exercise In Less Than 9 Minutes (Workout)

I had a few questions about Part 3 of the workout, “Happy Days”. The questions all pertained to was 9 minutes enough time to do 50 Medicine Ball Slams, 50 Push Ups, 50 Seated Dumbbell Presses and 50 Kettlebell Swings. Far be it from me to leave anyone guessing! So here I am this morning doing part 3 of the workout “Happy Days”.

I used a 12lb Medicine Ball (DBall Brand), 15lb Bowflex Dumbbells, and a 53lb Ader Brand Kettlebell. My heartrate shot up to 148 BPM and I was huffing and puffing at about the halfway mark.

Remember, there are 3 other parts to this workout. They are:

Part 1 – 3 minutes of Burpees
Part 2 – 6 minutes of Abs/Core
Part 4 – Run 1 mile in less than 12 minutes

If you finish the 1 mile run in less than 12 minutes, you earn points by doing 10 burpees for 1 point. At 12 minutes, the instructor calls time. Team or person with the most points wins. Of course, you don’t have to use any equipment for part 3. I would recommend subbing strength exercises though such as pushups, dips, squats, and maybe 50 yards of bear crawls – 25yds down, 25 yds back.

This is one of 15 workouts that will be featured in Fitness Workout Ideas Volume 4.

Questions, comments?

– Scott


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Ader 35 lb Russian Premier Kettlebell

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