201 WOD Jonestown, Texas

A local resident and friend, Tammy McKinney dropped in at gym 201 today for a quick workout.  Tammy is a fitness pro here in Lago Vista, Texas who runs a bootcamp called “Have Your Fit”.  It’s for women and has participants from ages 20 something to 80 something.

We did a crossfit inspired workout called “Fight Gone Bad”.

It’s a 17 minute extra tough workout.

You set up 5 stations.

The stations are:

  • Wall Ball 20# ball (we used a 12# ball)
  • Barbell Sumo Deadlift High Pull 75# (we used a 45# barbell)
  • 20″ Box Jumps
  • Barbell Push Press 75# (we used a 45# barbell)
  • Rower (Concept 2)

You spend 60 seconds at each station trying to “score’ as many points as possible.

If you’re on the rower, you count calories burned.

After completing 5 stations nonstop, you get 1 minute of rest.

Then repeat for 2 more rounds.

We had a great time and Tammy was inspiring!

We’re both passionate about fitness and love helping others in the Jonestown, Texas area get fit.



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