15 Years Old And Wants To Gain Weight For High School Football

Question:  My son is 15, plays high school football and only weighs 155lbs.  He wants to put on weight to get bigger, faster, stronger.  Can you help?

Answer:  Short answer is yes, I can.  See my “weight gain” program at this link

Longer answer involves me asking a number of questions, gauging determination, telling you how awesome you are as a parent for getting involved, gauging determination, letting you know that 14/15 is the perfect age for weight gain and gauging determination.

But let me get this out of the way first – No, I don’t recommend Creatine until much later, say 18 years old or so.  The most anabolic “thing” you can put in your body is food.  So until we get your food right, let’s save our money on supplements.  Except protein powder.

That’s food, though, not a supplement.

How much weight do you need to gain?  Keegan has gained over 40 lbs in less than 3 years and now sits on top of the strength mountain over there at Cedar Park High School.  I’ve worked with Keegan’s nutrition off and on for 3 years.  He’s a Senior, plays football and I expect him to have a great year as the starting linebacker for the defense known as “Black Rain”.


With high school football right around the corner, I can already tell you what is going to happen.  The bigger, faster, stronger athletes will steamroll the smaller, weaker athletes.  Over the course of a high school football game, strength and size become a huge advantage.  Bigger teams will wear down smaller teams.  I saw this very thing happen last season to our beloved Lago Vista Vikings when Wall crushed Lago 63-14 or something.  Add some strength and size in the off season.  That will even the playing field.  Pay attention to nutrition.  It’s usually the forgotten factor.

If you’re looking to gain weight understand that it’s a process.  If you’re skinny, don’t like to lift weights, run cross country and eat a lot of salad then, no, I probably won’t be able to help you.  If you’re determined and, at an extreme, will set your alarm clock for 1:30 am to drink a protein drink, won’t have excuses about why you couldn’t eat that time, you go to bed at a decent hour, you don’t run miles and miles and you have a warrior’s attitude then, yes, I can help you.

My weight gain program is a 3 month program.  Why 3 months?  Because it’s kind of like English, Math, Writing, etc.  It takes a while to  tweak it, work out the kinks and master it.  Keegan has been doing it off and on for 3 years.  He’s mastered it.  Jonathan ( a Senior at Cedar Park who weighs 290lbs) is still a grasshopper.  He’s working towards mastering it.  Same with Jack, Cole, Jackson and countless others that I have worked with.  My background is in bodybuilding.  Dare I say that no one knows more about nutrition that bodybuilders.  They live it each day.  Hour by hour.  Year after year.  To gain size or to get shredded.

You may not want to be a bodybuilder but if you want to put on some size and you’ve read this far then I’d love to help you. I’ll make sure that you gain “good” weight not sloppy weight just for the sake of gaining weight.  I want you to be big, fast and agile.   Find out more about my “weight gain” program at this link.

And no, you probably won’t have to get up at 1:30am in the morning to drink a protein drink.

But would you?




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